What is sexual abuse?

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Gazing at the picture above many can relate to the hidden emotions behind the sad face. She has a secret that if told can bring her more pain because she’s been told it’s her fault or something bad will happen. The abuse she has suffered/is suffering may be hidden for years but the affects it leaves is shame, guilt, un-forgiveness, low self esteem, deep seeded distrust and anger, and many more emotional wounds that can last a life time.

Sexual abuse does not always include touching. Many think of sexual abuse as a sex act against an innocent child. It is that but much more. There is also non-touching behavioral types of abuse:

* Being forced to watch pornographic movies or looking at pornographic magazines and pictures.

* Being watched without your knowledge while dressing, using the bathroom, showering.

* Being photographed in sexual  or sensual poses.

* “Private parts” being exposed to…

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