Hope for the Broken Family

group of teens
In an ever growing world of cybermania, teens are becoming more and more updated with the latest craze or addiction.
I recently came across several articles that blew my mind away as to how deviant, distorted, and crazy our world has become by only looking at the sites and trends that our teens are now into.

Most recently, my daughter was asked to join a site called KIK. Once you register, you can begin posting pics and doing chats. She didn’t know much about the site so she went along with it because her friend begged her to spend more chat time with her. She wasn’t even on a full 15 minutes and she came across quite a few half nude pictures of other teens posting themselves for all to see. She was shocked. But there is more. You can send private messages that your parents can’t see as well…

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  1. Good information! Technology introduces things to our kids faster than we can keep up! Raising my oldest two in a world before cell phones was hard enough…what were they doing at the mall? Movie theater? Parents have a lot of challenges!

    • I agree. The world is constantly changing and it’s challenges are increasing. I pray that more youth turn to God and follow Him. He is the Key to overcoming all of these ploys of the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy our kids.

      • Our group project is targeting the teens/twenties age group…we had a slight setback-our group leaders will be transferred out of state and went ahead and resigned as leaders because of other obligations…I have been experiencing mixed feelings about this, but I’m striving to keep the focus on God and His will…

  2. The day grows ever closer when I’m going to have to protect my daughter from that stuff. When I think about it it is terrifying. I just pray I can be a good enough father to help her make wise choices

    • Oh, my friend. I am sure that you are an awesome father. All we can do as parents is pray for God’s help and protection as we try our best everyday to raise our children right. It is definitely not easy.

    • But so many teens get trapped in porn or human trafficking from meeting people online. It is a huge problem so please be careful. Most of these things online are not illegal but there are instances that people can get in a lot of trouble.

  3. Kik isn’t totally bad because you can chat with your friends an if some stranger would message you all you have to do is delete it and only chat with people you know

    • Thanks for commenting Jeremiah! It sounds like you have the wisdom to know how to handle this… My concern is those who do not and get involved with people that will hurt them. Deception is so easy to do in cyberspace… Thanks again and many blessings to you!

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