Is my cry!
Freedom for all…
and this is why!
So many are captive…
in various situations in their lives.
Some being abused and used…
by hurtful husbands and wives.
Or many being trapped…
in circumstances of their own making.
With pornography or gambling…
or even alcohol and drugs they are taking.
For these addictions are traps…
that destroy many families.
And even add to the abuses…
which cause many tragedies.
And some even become trapped…
in jobs with abusive bosses.
Then struggle to survive…
while minimizing their losses.
And many families are hurt…
with these financial attacks.
Not even realizing at first…
they were set up with traps.
For manipulation and control…
is how all abusers get their way.
And many are victimized…
with various abuses every day.
So freedom is my cry…
so no one will be hurt again.
Lord, deliver us from evil…
so many new lives can begin.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

7 thoughts on “FREEDOM!!!

  1. Your post always provide such compasion and support for those in need. They also point to those that abuse and their need to understand and change. I often wonder how many lives of the abuser are changed. How often they may stumble on a blog like yours. I pray they do.

    • Awe… Thank you so much Bill for your kindness and support. I just praise God for the words that He gives me and the hearts that He touches. I am only His humble vessel. He has showed me that we have to reach out for the abusers too because they were once victims. They learn their behaviors by the way they were treated. Only God’s Love can change hearts so we have to reach out as He does… May God pour our His blessings upon you, my friend.

  2. You are very gifted in writing so passionately about a very difficult subject that does not receive the media attention I believe it deserves. You are compassionate without being maudlin. You bring awareness to the most vile actions without presenting heinous images. I look forward to reading your posts and admire the good in you and the good works you perform. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. I praise God for the words that He gives me and the hearts that He touches. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks and many blessings to you!!

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