DV Awareness: Have You Ever Felt Invisible?

“Invisible” is how many have felt as they have been emotionally and psychologically abused. Whether as small children, teenagers, or through adulthood, being ignored or rejected through bullying and abuse causes wounds that deeply affect each victim. No one is “invisible”, and we should treat all the way that we would want to be treated.

Have you ever felt invisible…
like you really didn’t exist?
That everything you say or do…
is somehow totally missed.
Like when “friends” talk in groups…
and seemingly pretend you’re not there.
Then they walk away…
and you pretend you really didn’t care.
But the isolation grows…
and the loneliness expands…
as you seem to have no friends…
and you really don’t understand.
And this happens too often…
in youth and teenage years.
Implanting seeds of rejection…
with increasing pain and fears.
And so many wounds are created…
as this rejection cuts so deep.
Leading many to wrong decisions…
with love and affection they seek.
But are they really that invisible…
like the wounds inflicted on each?
Or is this psychological abuse…
to the depths of souls it’ll reach?
For this rejection is ABUSE…
and all abuse should be exposed.
For making others feel invisible…
causes damage that should be disclosed.

“Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.   Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish. Look on my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins.   See how numerous are my enemies and how fiercely they hate me!

 Guard my life and rescue me; do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.   May integrity and uprightness protect me,  because my hope, Lord, is in you.” Psalm 25:16-21

Dear Lord, You see the wounds of rejection inflicted on each of Your children. You see those who treat others as “invisible” with abuse and bullying. Expose the truth and bring healing and restoration to each of Your children. Raise them up to be speak out about abuse so they will no longer  be invisible and their voices will no longer be silent. Empower them and lead them into the futures that You have planned for each… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.


18 thoughts on “DV Awareness: Have You Ever Felt Invisible?

  1. Reblogged this on jbmaverick and commented:
    We are too often blind – even willfully so – to the suffering of those around us. We take the attitude of, “Someone else will help them”. Well, if EVERYONE is thinking someone ELSE will take care of it…

  2. Amazing….and it (bullying..rejection, turning backs, whispers etc) also goes on in the adult world. It is sad….it is damaging..and yes..it is abuse…even more so when it is widely known someone has endured domestic abuse…whether from kids, other adults..to the adults..to me its a very cruel abuse…breaks many hearts…and spirits…

  3. You express what I’ve been feeling as age creeps in, and my new residence in a small community that seems to be closed. I’m reminded of the poem ” Outwitted” by Edwin Markham.
    “He drew a circle that shut me out-
    Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
    But love and I had the wit to win:
    We drew a circle and took him In !”

  4. Invisible….yes, I was ‘invisible’ to {my- I hate using ‘my’ as i want no affiliation to him} ex abuser…in the mental/emotional sense. Physical sense? I was NOT invisible. Another great post!! ❤

      • It really is sad when others want and intentionally set out to make someone feel ‘invisible’ but that is a great way to express it….to make one feel unworthy and ‘inadequate through harassment and rejection’ is another great way to express it. This piece really has touched many. I want to say to you…’thank you again’ for sharing your story.

        I have spoken in the last day or so to even a couple of family members about sharing their stories, even if they did not feel they could write it, to record it, especially the painful ones…not only do I believe it helps the ‘recovering’ but it is a great mission to have. You never know how your story could touch someone else and hopefully in a positive manner. There are some really amazing stories out there….That is what is on my heart and the reason I am sharing the bits and pieces of my story of ‘pressing on’ as life unfolds. Risky, yet it is what I feel God has led me to do. GBU!

      • Amen… God uses us and all that we have been through to help others. He is calling forth His army to speak out and give their testimony as we give Him the Glory and lead hearts to Him. We serve an awesome God and nothing is impossible with Him. God bless you!!

  5. Reblogged this on keepingitalltogether and commented:
    I wish this wasn’t so prevalent, but it is. Especially during teenage years when friendships often shift. Help wherever you can. Be a friend, a light to someone who needs it, even if they don’t look like they do. Everyone deserves kindness and love. EVERYONE! We are all children of God, we should treat each other as such. 💙

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