Narcissism: “The Great Pretender”

This posting was written for all the victims of abuse who have dealt with narcissistic people in their lives. However, as I post it today, I realize that it is “election day” in the US. There are many “pretenders” in the world of politics who are out for their own personal motives and not for the good of the country or the people. I encourage you to beware of these “great pretenders” and pray for God’s discernment and guidance as you vote…

“The Great Pretender”…
were the words that came to my mind…
as I thought of our pasts…
and the abuses of different kinds.
For we believe the lies…
as we were manipulated again and again.
For we were trusting and honest…
but deceived by narcissistic men.
And we can never understand…
the scheming and deceptive plots…
which were devised by these men…
who tied our emotions in knots.
Just how can someone pretend…
to love and desire…
when what’s in their heart…
is to deceive and conspire.
And how can one skillfully plan…
a big deception in the making…
as they plot their “finale”…
with victims lives totally shaking.
For these pretenders were smart…
and carefully played their part.
As they tried to destroy us…
and tear our lives apart.
But God sees their hearts…
and the lies and deception within.
And He is the final Judge…
and these “pretenders” will not win.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Dear Lord, only You see the vast deception that occurs behind closed doors in homes, schools, workplaces, and even political offices. You see what is hidden in each heart with those who are manipulative “pretenders” versus those who are truthful and honest. I pray for blessings over the righteous and that You will raise them up in victory with truth, honor, and integrity over the deceptive who plot evil and selfish gain. Protect the innocent and expose the pretenders… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 64: 1-8

O God, listen to my complaint.
    Protect my life from my enemies’ threats.
 Hide me from the plots of this evil mob,
    from this gang of wrongdoers.
 They sharpen their tongues like swords
    and aim their bitter words like arrows.
 They shoot from ambush at the innocent,
    attacking suddenly and fearlessly.
They encourage each other to do evil
    and plan how to set their traps in secret.
    “Who will ever notice?” they ask.
As they plot their crimes, they say,
    “We have devised the perfect plan!”
    Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.

 But God himself will shoot them with his arrows,
    suddenly striking them down.
 Their own tongues will ruin them,
    and all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.”

18 thoughts on “Narcissism: “The Great Pretender”

  1. Let’s pray they come to heart repentance Secret Angel before they have to face judgment , it is hard for our minds to grasp how horrible it will be in Hell for eternity but I don’t wish it for anybody even for my enemies, it is also not God’s will that anyone perishes but sadly as you shared, He knows those who will.

    Christian Love – Anne

    • Amen… and yes, only He knows who will repent and who will change. We do need to pray for all the abusers as well as the victims for the abusers were the victims at one time. God knows each heart and what is in each heart. We all need to pray for Him to purify our own hearts as well, free of un-forgiveness, anger, bitterness, etc so that we can walk in the fullness of His calling for each of us. God bless you, Anne!

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    • Hi Vic! You are so right. Women can narcissistic as well as men and both women and men can be victims of these narcissistic people. As I wrote this posting, I was actually commenting about some of my experiences with narcissists who both happened to be men in my case. This is really about my life and the destruction that narcissistic men tried to do to me. I am so sorry that you have had experiences with narcissism, especially from your mother. My ex and your mother sound alike. Thanks for commenting and God bless you, Vic!!

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