What Will Be Said?

When you draw your last breath, what will be said?

A person of Truth… or a liar instead?

(by Carmel of Secret Angel Ministry)

Truth is the basis…
of which we should live.
Not lies or manipulations…
nor the deceptions some give.
For Truth never changes…
and it’s the standard we should aim.
To stand up in righteousness…
and be without blame.
And God knows all truth…
and will expose it all.
As He protects the righteous…
and all those He will call.

23 thoughts on “What Will Be Said?

  1. Truth will be on my headstone. Liars are despicable and if you don’t have a sharp enough mind to remember who you have told what to, then you get caught. Personally, I tell the truth because I have morals and also I’m too forgetful to lie. What do people achieve by lying?

    • Amen!! I totally agree with you. It is so much easier to always tell the truth than to try to remember lies. The Truth never changes… and the Truth shall set us free. God bless you!

      • I get so angry though when people write blogs of sheer fantasy when actually they are libeling innocent people and use sites like these to bully. You are right, the truth will set us free and in one case it might also get a certain blogger incarcerated lol. God bless you xx

      • True, and the bullies always seem to find victims who have things like Mental Health issues, whether depression or worse; physical illnesses and disabilities because they are weak people and feel so inferior they have to find people they feel superior to. Happy Thanksgiving to you too x

  2. This is so right and true. God spoke in many languages, but truth is universal. You never need a good memory to speak the truth either

  3. Now, if we could just get; advertisers on Craig’s list, corporations, politicians, lawyers, food packaging copywriters, car salesmen and little kids who know they are in trouble to embrace the idea.

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  5. This is so true!
    Although I’m in full agreement for THE TRUTH, I’ve found that in order to seek truth I must first be truth. I dare not place judgement on those who choose the opposite. I know that I am a ripple effect. Who I’m being affects those around me.
    However, How else can I distinguish the truth if I’m not exposed to the lies? Truth and lies co-exist. Much like love and fear, joy and sadness, pain and comfort. The truth is (the way I see it), we are Spirit (God/Love like), Ego (mind/Fear), and personality (human). Our personality serves ego or spirit. Living in truth means you’re 100% committed to serving Spirit(God/Love). It is humanly impossible to be 100% on top of it. We get to be tested constantly and many of us fail at one point or another. That doesn’t make any of us less lovable. We’re just humans fully capable and free of choosing the truth or not. And we are God forgiven every single time.
    Thank you for writing this. I love truth awareness.

    • Amen!! and the Truth shall set us free! We are human and all make mistakes… but God knows what is in our hearts and who tries to walk in Truth and Spirit. He loves us and forgives us… We serve an awesome God!

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  7. The truth is a lot easier to remember than lies. I thought the guy I was with for many years had truth as a basic characteristic of his personality. But I’ve come to realize he is a psychopath. He lies about everything. Every little thing.

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