Leave It All Behind

This is for the many who have struggled with life’s obstacles through the years. We have to let go of the past, leave it all behind, to move into our futures, and see what we will find.

As 2014 ends…
and a “New Year” begins…
let us keep our sights…
of our hopes deep within.
And let go of the past…
leaving all the pain behind.
Then reach for our future…
and blessings we will find.
For nothing is impossible…
as we reach for our goal…
and walk toward our destiny…
as our stories will be told.
For God has plans for all…
and each of us have a story.
And as we overcome our past…
we will give Him the Glory.
For He gives us strength…
to get through all of life’s pain…
and as we hold onto Him…
our lives will never be the same.


16 thoughts on “Leave It All Behind

  1. At times I feel like I have left it all behind me, then something happens around the corner and the past is there to greet me. hard but I know you have to keep moving on

      • Our brains and minds had been so full all the time with it, it was our life, it is who we are really…We can make a new life with challenges but we move through them

      • That’s right. It’s a transformation of our minds that has to occur. Romans 12:2…”be transformed by the renewing of our minds…” We have to do this to overcome… with the help of The Lord.

    • It’s when we realize that nothing of this world is important and He is our everything that we find the Well. His Word is True. He just wants us to trust Him enough to let go of what we see and walk in total faith.

  2. Paul said the greatest of spiritual gifts is ‘Love.’ When you leave all behind, you let that spiritual seed of his love define your life evermore. You know I always write of love, his spiritual genuine, pure love, that is all I have know since a child…it never stops refreshing the whole of me. Awesome message dear sister…we shall always be a part of the greatest love know to humankind…and that surely defines who we are!

    • Amen… His Love engulfs us, strengthens us and empowers us… and as we “leave it all behind” and be consumed by His Love, we will realize that He is all that we need. Yes, Love is the greatest of all spiritual gifts and Pure Love never fails… His Love just flows from the words that He gives you… Keep writing for you are His vessel.
      May God pour out His blessings upon you and your family, my dear brother.

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