Verbal Abuse: “Ugly!”


This is for the many who have been hurt by abusive words spoken by others and for those who have spoken such hurtful words. I encourage you to list to the attached video also.

“Ugly!”~another hurtful word
that’s too commonly spoken.
And it’s words like this…
leading many lives to be broken.
Destroying self-esteem…
making many self-conscious…
it’s these negative words…
that are truly obnoxious.
For it’s lies from the pit
with no truth at all.
That cause many wounds…
and many to fall.
For they believe the lies…
giving in to it’s oppression.
But God makes no mistakes…
and uses it at His discretion.
For He calls us all…
to overcome any tribulations.
And with faith in Him…
we will see transformations.
For beauty is only superficial…
as we look with human eyes.
But God sees each heart and soul…
so to Him there is no disguise.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

“Ugly” is a horrible word to call any person. Listen to this video of what being called “Ugly” does, especially when someone is called “The Ugliest Woman in the World.”


19 thoughts on “Verbal Abuse: “Ugly!”

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  2. Very well done Angel. Words can and do hurt and we all know it…especially the bullies who use it as just another tool for destruction!


      • There may come a day in some of their lives when they realize how horrible they are acting and the damage they do.

        Sadly, many of them are carrying on their own abuse and transferring it towards others. It is a common pattern as you know, but it can be “interrupted” and stopped with some help…

        God’s love can be a very good foundation upon which to begin that transformation.


      • God’s word and will is alive…and it works in the lives of anyone and everyone who applies it to themselves.

        It is a salve which transforms lives from the heart and soul outward. We have this kind of love available to us…for free, if we will but simply take it from the Lord!


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