You’re Missing Everything

For the single parents out there who struggle every day to raise their children… Remember that though it is not easy to raise children as the “mother and father”, we are all blessed in more ways than we can count because we are not missing out on God’s gift to us… our children.

Three Boys and a Mom

To the father of my children, a stranger in familiar skin,

I’m not mad at you. I’m sad for you.

You’re missing everything.

I looked at you as I dropped my heart into your apartment this past Friday, the first one you’d had the boys for in over a month, and once again was reminded of your reality. I saw the emptiness in your eyes. The same emptiness I always saw. The same emptiness I tried to fill with me. With my love. With your sons. 

I heard the rasp in your voice that came from smoking too many cigarettes the night before. I knew you slept all day long because you were too sick to move. I understood you felt like death and I knew you weren’t going to be able to follow through with your obligation to our sons.

I smelled your hangover. And I remembered seeing you like this every…

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2 thoughts on “You’re Missing Everything

  1. Thank you so much! You have been such an inspiration to me and have always been so encouraging to me on this journey… it truly means so much! You’re such a blessing to so many and I’m honored to know you, even if it’s just through the blog world. ❤

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