Abuse Comes in Many Forms

Too many people think that if there are no bruises then the abuse did not happen. Unfortunately, this is so wrong. Abuse comes in many forms from verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, workplace or even spiritual. These are all forms of control and manipulation and all cause wounds to it’s victims. Just because we did not witness it or there is no physical proof does not mean that it did not happen.

Abuse comes in many forms…
and not a certain one is norm.
But too many think it’s hitting…
when it is also verbal or even spitting.
For many things not nice or kind…
are where these abuses we find.
Whether verbal, physical, sexual or more…
are all abuses that God deplores.
So trust the Lord each day…
and allow Him to lead your way.
For He will guide you from abuse…
and not allow you to be misused.
For He sees all that is hidden…
so believe all that He’s written.
For He promises to rescue and more…
So we call on Him to totally restore.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, only You see the abuses that are occurring every day in so many ways. You see the wounds that are inflicted upon each victim that are hidden from human eyes. You know the pain that each suffers, whether physical or emotional. We pray for deliverance from every abuse with healing and restoration to all it’s victims. Set the captives free from their abusers and let them all feel Your Love and Peace that surpasses all understanding… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

16 thoughts on “Abuse Comes in Many Forms

  1. Great post, my friend.
    My sister is in the middle of a very abusive relationship. She is being emotionally & verbally abused, brainwashed to think nobody else cares for her but her boyfriend etc, and is always putting herself in the midst of dangerous situations because this man is very unstable. She is quite unstable herself and holds onto him because of a psychological struggle rooted deep within where she believes so strongly she will be alone again. She has been cheated on and has literally seen her husband walk away from her, leaving their home for good. She has PTSD from being battered in her first marriage, this relationship is bringing more of that.

    Would you please remember my sister, Sherri, in prayer? I would appreciate it so much. She is so bad off that she cannot see clearly in anything, and that even her soul is in danger.

    Thank you so much,


    • Dear Mandy… Thank you so much for sharing your concerns for your sister. I have emailed you and emailed our ministry team to be praying for her. We lift her up in prayer to our Heavenly Father, who sees all and knows all. Dear Lord, we ask for Your Divine Favor upon Sherri’s life. We proclaim Psalm 91 over her life and that You will rescue her as you rescued me and others from the abusive hands of man. Set her free from the bondage that holds her captive in that situation, breaking all unhealthy soul ties, and bring healing and restoration to her in every dimension, body, soul, and spirit. Open her eyes to see clearly and her ears to hear Your still small voice as You lead her out of danger. Touch her heart and give her a renewed hope for her future as she holds onto You, not man … in Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

  2. I have to agree. My husband would intentionally say things to hurt my feelings and then tell me I was weak for being upset. He’d quote the psychobabble gleaned from his myriad of self help books, telling me happiness is a state of mind, not circumstance. By allowing his name calling and belittling to affect me, I was choosing to be unhappy. Therefore it was my problem, not his. He actually had me questioning myself and my sanity. We’ve been separated for several weeks and only now am I able to see what was happening. I think it was emotional abuse. He claims it was drug use, for which he has sought treatment. I wonder if drugs can change him that much, or if he will treat me this way forever. I just don’t know if I can take him back. It’s been like this on and off for 8 years. Please pray that I will see God’s will for my life. God hates divorce. I want to reconcile but I’m afraid of being hurt. Pray for me.

    • I can totally relate to all that you are saying. I have heard the same thing and felt the same way that you do. I never wanted to be divorced knowing that God does hate divorce but He also hates for us to be abused. Only He knows who will change and who will not. I prayed for God to save my marriage but as I look back, I can see how He rescued me. I pray for Him to speak loud and clear to you and to lead you into the future that He has planned for you. I pray for His miraculous intervention in your life so that you will know without a doubt the path that you are to take. I wrote about my struggles and what God did for me and I pray for HIm to lead you the same way… Dear Lord, You are no respecter of persons and what You have done for me, You can do for many more. I pray for deliverance from the bondage of abuse and healing from the wounds of her past. Bring restoration into her life as she walks into the future that You have orchestrated for her… in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

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