Wounds Of Abuse: “Stupid!”


Wounds of abuse are real! These innocent victims of abuse believe these negative words spoken against them, and their lives are negatively impacted by the power in these words. We all need to realize the “power of the spoken word” and change the way we speak. We need to build up, not tear down. Our children’s lives and our future generations depend on what we teach. Teach them by setting the example.

Stupid! Stupid!
One of many hurtful words said!
As more and more are abused…
not physical, but emotional instead.
For verbal and emotional abuse…
are not considered abuse to many.
For no bruises or cuts are exposed…
but the invisible wounds are plenty.
For these words cut like a knife…
deep down to our souls and hearts.
And we need to expose this abuse…
before this destruction even starts.
For words are destructive…
when used to hurt and attack.
But God wants better for His children…
so we stand up and take our lives back.
Stop the abuse!!
Speak with love and kindness each day!
For these words are powerful…
with negative words leading many astray.
For they believe the lies…
thinking they are less than others...
when words like “stupid” are spoken…
and with negativism they’re smothered.
So speak words that build up…
and never tear down!
For it is in our words…
that this power is found!

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21


11 thoughts on “Wounds Of Abuse: “Stupid!”

  1. Abundance of life, love and provision to you today, Secret Angel. All the words spoken in anger, vanquished under the blood of Jesus. The refrain now: Jesus loves me and I am valuable! Your pen is powerful bringing ptovision for you, your family and others! Bless you!

    • Unfortunately, many of us have been subjected to this word and many more negative and abusive words. Too many do not even realize the damage that they do to their children. I praise God too that He says My child and purpose. How blessed we are just to realize that we are His beloved children!! May He pour out His blessings upon you, my brother!

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  3. A child needs be encouraged and have their self esteem built up during his childhood to have the proper mentality to function as an adult not run down by his parents , a child learns from his parents first not the schools and peers. What you tell your children about themselves they will carry the rest of their lives

    • Amen!! You are so right. Parents are the first contact and have already set the standards of behavior by the time the child’s sphere increases when he/she goes to school. We all have to build up, not tear down! It is imperative that appropriate, positive words are used for our children’s well-being. Thanks for your support and God bless you!

  4. This is very touching, Angel. All of your work comes from the heart, but the good it does is immeasurable!


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