Don’t Lose Faith

I saw this message and knew that I needed to share it.

Don’t lose faith.

I didn’t promise it would be easy.

I promised it would be worth it.


Too many of us don’t look at the BIG picture. We only look at our lives moment by moment. But God… He wants us to trust Him with everything. He sees the BIG picture… we don’t. We are incapable of even handling the BIG picture. He made us to just handle day by day. But we have to walk in faith and trust Him along the way.


17 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Faith

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  2. My problem is that I see the big picture…the really big picture, that is, God’s all-encompassing plan for the redemption of humanity. It’s hard for me to bring it down to the level of the single individual, particularly me. I just had coffee with a friend of mine who spent nearly three hours trying to impress upon me that until I can see Jesus working within me, the individual, I won’t be able to truly comprehend what God is doing for everyone.

    • Hi James! As I read your comment, a vision came to my memory that God gave me several years ago that brought much clarity to me. In the vision, I saw a huge chess game with huge chess pieces and God’s Hand strategically placing the pieces where He wanted them. I knew that He was showing me that He was placing everything where He wanted it for His timing, not mine. I could not worry about where my next move was… I could only trust Him with my life because He was in control. So yes, His plan is for the redemption of humanity. But there is still a bigger plan. Who will totally trust Him with their lives, even when you don’t know what He is doing within

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