The Walking Wounded~~ A Book Review by Gary Bertnick

By Secret Angel
Bush Publishing & Associates 2013, 218 Pages

      As intense and confusing, at times chaotic, our lives can become, there is a God in Heaven who cares and is deeply involved in the minutest details of our lives, whether we know it or not. The author of this book displays this comforting truth in the midst of an abusive marriage relationship that included three children, that staggered along for two decades. This long journey is displayed as a teaching example for others and is shared in a challenging read, a good read!

I was a little caught off guard as the story pulled me down, then lifted me up, then twisted me into a pretzel of compassion. Her journey, the journey into a progressive revelation of truth is just that– an experiential revelation from above. Sometimes we look and don’t really see. Often we can listen but don’t really hear or understand. Secret Angel’s book is deeply revealing in a rare show of honesty about our glaring human vulnerability as well as the divine involvement in our lives of the Champion of the lowly and humble in His omnipotent omniscience! Much as an underground river that runs pure and true, sometimes seeps into a human life, while at other times gushes forth as a fountain of triumph over impossible places and circumstances we find ourselves in. By Grace the snare is finally broken, a small bird is enabled to fly free.

In my own youth, I poured over many books of psychology intrigued by the complexity of the soul and mind. This was until the Lord told me “Enough” and to concentrate my focus on knowing His book of Truth where human nature is explained with lasting wisdom and understanding. In The Walking Wounded, the author shares great personal insight into marriage, marriage and children, and personal survival skills learned. The clash between basic human nature and instilled divine nature was lived out in and through abusive patterns recognized, understood, and eventually walked away from. The painful struggles, stressfully endured, finally resolved are simply laid out for the reader to look at and to learn from.
This drama lived out in the flesh, in harsh reality, brought forth a silver refined seven times over as a new creation in God has risen up as an example of a godly woman already shining for others to see. A stunning life experience yet developing with much more yet to be shared with many others who seek similar freedom from multiple forms of abuse in their own precious lives.

The chapters of this book of 218 pages, are short and precise. Each encouragement to learn begins with nuggets of understanding. Then, prayerfully the grit of the author’s life story continues to unfold how this fiery furnace began and then developed. And how the Lord of Heaven used the heat to transform one woman into a beautiful example of the good fruit of a God who loves and cares for all His own who truly need Him.

by Gary Bertnick

7 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded~~ A Book Review by Gary Bertnick

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    • Thanks for the reblog and all of your support. I would love for you to read my book. What God has done for me, He can and will do for many more. God bless you!

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