HE LIFTS US UP: God’s Love for Victims of Abuse (Psalm 147:3-6)


I had an experience one day, and I want to share with you. There is actually a difference when you have “head” knowledge and when you have “heart” knowledge of something. It suddenly becomes like a new revelation to you even if you knew it before… It is a feeling that you get like something was “downloaded” into your spirit. It kind of gives you a “wow” feeling…

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4 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: God’s Love for Victims of Abuse (Psalm 147:3-6)

  1. AMEN! What an amazingly honest post! The Bible does not lie! I have found so much strength from God and true healing and freedom from all the abuse I ever suffered! I have been given a new name in Christ and I am renewed in my life! I feel blessed to have been given this life and I tell my story in hopes of helping others like myself find that same joy in life that only God can provide!

    • Amen, amen, and amen!! Every Word that He gives us is Truth. We can hold onto every word and proclaim them for our futures. He gives us new beginnings as we let go all the pain of our pasts and hold onto Him as our Source for all things. Thanks for the comment and many blessings to you!!!

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