Jesus Calling… His Message to All

As I pray for all victims of abuse,  my heart is deeply touched as I read the Jesus Calling Devotional reading for today (June 14). We have all gone through struggles of life, trying to find love and purpose while making many mistakes… but God is and has always been just waiting patiently…

“I have loved you with an everlasting Love. Before time began, I knew you. For years you swam around in a sea of meaninglessness, searching for Love, hoping for hope. All that time, I was pursuing you, aching to embrace you in My compassionate arms.”

“When time was right, I revealed Myself to you. I lifted you out of that pit of despair and set you down on a firm foundation. Sometimes you felt naked–exposed to the revealing Light of My Presence. I wrapped an ermine robe around you: My robe of righteousness. I sang you a Love song, whose beginning and end are veiled in eternity. I infused meaning into your mind and harmony into your heart. Join me in singing My song.  Together we will draw others out of darkness into My marvelous Light.”

I can tell you that this touched my heart because it is so true. I floundered through the years, making mistake after mistake, trying to please man, not God, and failing to succeed. And only when I was broken and hitting rock bottom did I reach for God to help me through my devastation. Then, He started revealing Himself to me and letting me feel His Presence like never imaginable. I know that what God has done for me, He can and will do for many more who are abused and broken by the trials and tribulations of this world. He has given me the words “Walking Wounded” to describe those who have been wounded by the trials of this life… and that includes all of us.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.


14 thoughts on “Jesus Calling… His Message to All

  1. I’m searching for God. I know He’s right here beside me, but i don’t know why I can’t feel Him. I want to get closer to Him. I want to experience the change that many people have experienced because of Him. I’m thirsty for His words.

    But how can I find Him? Am I looking for Him in the wrong direction? Please enlighten me in any way you can. Thank you.

    • I can totally understand. I went to church all of my life but never felt Him until I was so broken… then finally invited Jesus into my heart and gave Him my life. I hope that you can read my book to see the simple ways that God started showing me that He was right there with me. As I was crying out for more of Him, He was whispering to me but I could not hear Him. He had to show me that He was in everything and in control of all things. Please allow me to pray for you….
      Dear Lord, I pray that You will reveal Yourself to my sister so that she will see You in even the birds in the morning air. That she will realize that every song that they sing will be You serenading her. Allow her to hear Your “small still voice” and realize that those few words that come to her mind are really You whispering in her ear, and not her own thoughts. Speak to her in the still of the night through visions and dreams and allow her to feel Your Heartbeat as she lies in quietness. Draw her near to You and transform her life as You did mine… in Jesus’ Name, we pray… Amen!

      • Thank you for your prayer 🙂 I am somewhat enlightened by your words. I know that someday with His holy presence, I’ll also experience the same transformation that you’ve experienced in your life. I can’t wait to feel God’s embrace 🙂 Have a nice day! God bless you.

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