“For All of Those Overcoming Trauma”

I heard this song today and thought of the many of you out there who have become a “Fighter” to overcome the abuse of your past. There has been a point in all of our lives that we stand up and say, “Enough!!” It is that point that we fight back to overcome the abuse and traumas in our lives. My heart goes out to each of you as I read your stories. God wants so much better for all of us than to be abused, harassed, and mistreated in any way.

This artist has dedicated this song to all of the abused and I want to share it with you. We know that we truly on the path to overcoming when we can say “thank you” for making us stronger or “a fighter.” Please join me in prayer for all those abused, that they will have “enough” and reach for a new life free of abuse. I pray that God will intervene in the lives of many abuse victims as we all cry out to Him, “I have had enough, Lord,” like Elijah say many years ago. (1 Kings 19:4)


7 thoughts on ““For All of Those Overcoming Trauma”

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    I finally said “Enough” this past Saturday night! I have not been physically abused but the verbal abuse has gone on far to long! I have been divorced for almost 3 months and the abuse has just gotten worse since the divorce was finalized. I continued to make excuses for him, hoped we could get past all the pain…..what I have finally realized is his inability to really love and that for 37 years there was NEVER an us but only a HIM. I WONT LET HIM KEEP HURTING ME but I had to realize this myself before I could say ENOUGH!! I am steonger and more determined than ever to move on, build MY new business and MY new life!! This blog means so much to me, THANK YOU!!!!

    • Praise God!! I can totally relate to what you are going through. After 20+ years of verbal, emotional, and various abuses, control and manipulations, adultery, etc, I divorced by spouse all within stages of him begging me to take him back or telling me that he loved another… a roller-coaster of emotions. But the escalation occurred after the divorce was finalized. The abuses were much worse, including death threats. It was not until I finally had enough and stopped all contact that my healing started. We can’t be healed when we are continually being wounded. I am so proud of you and praise God for helping you to overcome this situation. We are stronger than we realize…for God will give us the strength that we need to keep going. May He pour out His blessings upon you!!

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