Psalm 91 (Poetic Paraphrase)

This is for the many who have been broken by abuses, addictions, or the many obstacles that we stumble upon in this world.  I was in that place of brokenness, and I have seen what God can do when we pray Psalm 91 daily. God promises protection and provision… for those who dwell in His Presence.  As I prayed one day, these words to Psalm 91 just started rhyming. I want to share with you the “Psalm 91 Poetic Paraphrase” that I wrote that day, and I encourage you all to pray Psalm 91 daily in whatever version you have. His promises are true!

Psalm 91 (Poetic Paraphrase)

I dwell in God’s Secret Place…
abiding in His loving embrace.

For He is my Refuge and Fortress…
and in Him I trustingly rest.

He delivers me from the fowler’s snare…
and perilous pestilence in the air.

Over me His feathers cover…
and under His Wings I lovingly hover.

His Truth is my Buckler and Shield…
and to His Word I lovingly yield.

I am not afraid of terror by night
Nor arrow in the day’s light.

Nor pestilence walking in the dark
Nor destruction that others embark.

A thousand may fall at my side…
and 10,000 on my right as I abide.

For no evil will ever come near me…
but the reward of the wicked I will see.

Because The Lord is my Refuge—
and in Him I have been rescued.

The Most High is my Habitation
and NO evil befalls me with His protection.

Nor does any plague come near me…
nor my dwelling will the plague see.

For His Angels have charge over me…
And in ALL His Ways, I will be.

They hold me up in their hands…
and with God’s protection I will stand.

So I cannot dash a stone…
and to me His Love will be shown.

For on lions and cobras I tread…
And trample young lions and serpents as led.

Because my total love is set on He…
He protects and delivers me.

He sets me up on high…
for I intimately know Him is why.

He answers when I call…
delivering me from trouble and all.

He honors me with His Grace…
as I lovingly seek His Face.

For I’m satisfied with His Revelation…
and have been shown His gift of Salvation.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray… Amen.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

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