Broken and Abused… But

It is in our isolation and devastation
that we overcome the abuses of our past
as we hold onto the One
who holds the Key to our futures.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.


10 thoughts on “Broken and Abused… But

  1. It amazes me just how ugly humans can be sometimes. The works of Satan can be seen in some of these terms used in the picture above.


    • Hence the words of Christ “forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Satan uses anyone that he can in this spiritual battle… and that is what it is as he fights to destroy many.

      • No doubt Satan seeks to destroy all Godly things and people. He may have even thought he had accomplished this much as he watched Jesus die on the cross.

        But he knew he had been defeated when Christ was raised up, and in the same way, we too can know we will share in the joy of victory over evil!

        Thanks for your comments as always, Angel! Enjoy your weekend…


  2. Thank you Secretange, what was broken is restored and made whole and than polished and made new, the emptiness is gone, our shoulder to lean on is strong, we never walked alone in the cold shadows of the past and the shame of them has been taken away and in our heart God’s Melody plays.

    Being a victim does not last when Jesus heals the wounds of the past.

    Blessings – Anne..

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