Just Saying ~ July 8th


12 thoughts on “Just Saying ~ July 8th

  1. So true. In the beginning, the devil can come across as “nice” and “thoughtful,” but he’s really just masquerading. This why we have to test the spirit (to see if it’s from God or not). Time will surely tell.

  2. He is a crafty, shifty, and rotten being looking for the best disguise to use in every case to deceive us and confuse us. His day of eternal consequence will come!


    • Amen! But unfortunately, Satan has learned much about God and His Kingdom as he walked with God initially before he sinned and was cast out. It is this knowledge that he uses against us and we need discernment to overcome.

      • Yes I agree Secretangel we are to pray for God’s wisdom, and His empowering by The Holy Spirit which brings understanding, discernment and Godly logic and reasoning (1Corinthians 3:9-16)

        We also know that good and evil cannot co- exist and hate is the absence of Love which is Satan, yes God did create him as an Angel and he was greatly adorned and because of the fall he now controls this earth but his knowledge of God’s Truth is very limited, he thinks he will be victorious and planed evil for us by creating Hell, all good things come from God not evil.

        God knows Satan as he is and always did but the good outweighed the bad, God saw from Eternity that you and I and all His redeemed Children would come to heart repentance and Love Him with all our ALL and He wanted us to be Born, so Satan even though he may use tricks and deception God protects our souls Eternally and when Satan puts us to the test, God gives us the strength to endure and not to give into temptation.

        I would be interested in knowing the Scripture Secretangel that confirms that God and Satan were in close fellowship, it says Satan became proud and chose to reject God’s Authority, wanting His Power and Glory for himself and God would have known his intentions but perhaps I have not been shown it yet.

        Blessings – Anne.

      • Ezekiel 28 talks about Satan. In 28:14, He calls him an anointed cherub who was on the Holy Mountain of God and walked amongst the fiery stones.

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