Going To Jail?

More psychological abuse… to children! I pray that laws will be changed to protect the innocent from these abuses where no bruises are visible but the wounds are definitely inflicted to these young hearts.


3 thoughts on “Going To Jail?

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  2. Men can be so mean and cruel. Lucky for me the court shut down the attempt for those men to know Joey. They sealed the birth cert and records. It hasn’t stopped the threats and attempts to override the court.

    At least this year he turned 16 and told the court in no uncertain terms “I want nothing to do with any of them and none are my father. I want the records to remain off limits to them forever.” That ended that. I hope.

    • Amen!! I stand in prayer with you… and for you and Joey. You have raised a fine young man. He loves you so much!! You are both so strong and courageous!! God bless you both!!

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