PTSD: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

After a week of triggers being exposed again, I want to remind all that the triggers of PTSD are just evidence of wounds that remain down to our souls that need healing. God does not want us living in fear… for the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The enemy stole my joy this past week with these triggers but he will not win. God has already won and we are all children of God. Let us just hold onto Him for He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love, and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Walk a mile in my shoes…

is the thought that came to me tonight.

As I think of the triggers of PTSD…

and how many don’t understand this fight.

For it is not of our own accord…

but the results of abuse and traumas done…

that cause us to have rising panic and fear…

and wanting us to leave or run.

And just when we should be secure…

and feel that we are on the right path.

Something  triggers fears again…

with memories of past abuse and wrath.

But these are only evidence…

of wounds still hidden deep within…

with more reasons to turn to God…

for deeper healing to begin.

For layer upon layer of wounds…

with triggers have to be revealed…

for these wounds to our hearts and souls…

to be totally exposed and healed.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel,  2015.

Dear Lord, only You see the wounds down to our hearts and souls from the abuses that we have suffered… and only You can heal them. Peel them back like the layers of an onion and bring healing and restoration to every wound inflicted upon us. Stop the triggers that ignite fear to our hearts and souls… and only ignite a Fire in our hearts for You that we will seek more of You and walk into the fullness that You have planned for us as overcomers, declaring Your goodness forevermore… in Jesus’ ‘Name. Amen.


22 thoughts on “PTSD: Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  1. “Only God”…how often do we say that! For God is awesome and no one can even understand all of His abilities, let alone appreciate them all. He is so good to all of us, even to those who don’t call on His name…”for He causes the sun to shine on the saints and the sinners…” (Matt. 5:45).

    And yes, only He can provide the healing through unmatched love that goes to every part of us, no matter how deep it runs, and for how long, and wide. No matter how ugly, vile, and horrible our experiences, He can heal those who come to Him!


      • We who believe have faith and take comfort in that. I guess some people just find some things “too good to be true.”

        Too bad, because they are missing out on the most important offer in life!

        Thanks for the reply, Angel, as always…


    • Thank you so much. We never know when these triggers will surface again… then we need to regroup and give it to God again. He heals! I just have had to regroup again. I appreciate your prayers and support. Many, many blessings to you, my sister!

  2. Understand this all too well, my friend. Keep holding to the Father’s hand. He restores all. Hugs and prayers.

    • Hi my sister!! It is so good to hear from you. Thanks for leaving me the link above. Your poor, precious baby!! Sounds like he has had a rough summer… but then these emergencies are harder on the parents. I am glad that you liked my post about PTSD. Yes, I did mention a little on the personal side. However, most of what I write about is how I am feeling that day or the day that I write it. Every time that i have written about PTSD or depression has been because that is what I am feeling. Sometimes, I just have to regroup and get back into God’s Presence to put Him back in the forefront and not focus on my problems. I really appreciate all of your support. Many, many blessings to you!!!

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  4. Thanks for helping me to understand what I am experiencing in my life . And I pray that you recover, refocus and keep up your great work. So many of us need you. You are in my prayers.

    • Awe… Thank you so much Joicelizabeth. God is so good to help us to understand. He gives us the clarity when we need it… and even the words to express it. He is Key to overcoming all that we go through… even PTSD. Let us all keep our eyes on Him. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and support. God bless you, my sister!

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