HE LIFTS US UP: Abandonment and Rejection…


This is for teens,
and others feeling alone.
For many have been wounded,
with a lack of love shown.
Abandonment and rejection…
even if only perceived,
Cause brokenness in lives,
where lack of love is believed.

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12 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: Abandonment and Rejection…

  1. As our country moves forward in its acceptance of worldly things, rejecting Godliness, we are distancing ourselves from our generation of teens. They are receiving little or no training in the things of God, and it is to our shame.

    We feel we are making progress with terms like “enlightenment” and “inclusion.” Be yourself, don’t care what others think about you…these are the things of the world, and they have no lasting value. And who knows how much further the Lord will allow this trend to go.

    But He is in control of all things. It’s all up to Him. How we fit in is to carry His message to this generation of abused and broken people. It’s just another form of abuse when we sit quietly by and not speak of a better way, a more hopeful way, the way of God and the love of Christ!


    • Amen!! I pray that He will raise up a new generation of youth to reach out to other youth. May we all pray for the Lord to change things in this country, turning hearts to Him of all ages, and showing Himself in miraculous ways. God bless you!

      • That’s what needs to happen, no doubt. This country may suffer still, but the change must begin with the young.

        If we can find a way to introduce them to God through Christ Jesus, they would have an alternative to running to gangs or militant groups to find a purpose…


      • It is only through prayer to our Father that hearts will open to receive Him… no matter what age. We can speak to all about the revelations that God gives to us, but only He can water the seeds that we plant.

      • Well said, Angel. As I’ve heard it said, we can talk, plead, and exhaust ourselves with words, but it makes no difference unless the Lord brings about the harvest.

        And, the person has “God-a-want to” make the change before the Lord will transform…


      • If we go to the store and buy $100 worth of groceries, then offer to give $20 bucks for them all, we won’t be taking home all that we need!

        Same is true with God. If we want all he has to give, ($100 dollars), we can’t expect to get that with “limited beliefs!” ($20 bucks.)

        Ask and believe fully; that’s the only formula that will work to the best for Him and for us…


    • Thank you, my sister! Yes, I write from experience and the brokenness of my past. So many of us are broken at young ages and then allow our wounds to lead us down wrong paths. I pray for healing and restoration for all so many more can find the Key to overcoming.

      You are a blessing, my sister!!!

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