Thought For the Day: The Tongue is a Rudder

This is my thought for the day:

“As the tongue is a rudder and steers the direction of our lives…

the “tongues of an entire Body of Christ” can steer a nation in the direction it needs to go.”

Please join me in prayer for our country and all the nations!! We will never get an entire nation to agree on “One” thing… but those who are believers in our Lord Jesus Christ have Something that others don’t… There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

James 3:3-5

“Indeed, we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.”


21 thoughts on “Thought For the Day: The Tongue is a Rudder

  1. This country is in the mess it’s in because Christians have remained silent. God has always called us to stand up, be heard, and to be bold. We haven’t. He’s giving us so many warnings it’s unbelievable and calling for repentance in a loud voice and many are still ignoring His call and remaining silent. I don’t understand that. Lord, heal our land, open our eyes and ears. Bring repentance to the forefront. In Jesus Name.

    • Amen!! Repentance is key! It has to be in the forefront in each of our lives and for the nations. Our sins and the sins of our fathers have opening the door for evil. Repentance closes the doors. May we all repent and come together in prayer for God’s blessings upon our lives and our entire nation. God bless you, my sister!!

  2. We must be “thought-linked” Angel! I was going to do a post on the tongue yesterday, but went with anger control instead…you know they can be one in the same in many cases. We “run our mouths” when angry which is exactly NOT the way God wants us to act or live. It’s abusive towards others and a poor reflection upon us!


    • Yes, that is not how God wants us to act. We all need to repent for our negative thoughts, words, and actions… and come together in prayer for our families and entire nation.

      • We begin to change people, one by one, and we can help entire nations. It’s a big dream, and a lot of work, but if it is in God’s plans, it will be done!


      • No doubt that God is in control of all things, even when it may seem that this world is out of control!

        We must trust as His children in His promises because just as His plans come to life, all of His promises will be kept too.


      • Absolutely. And even when it seems this world is more and more out of control, things are going exactly according to God’s plans.

        People blame God for the chaos which Satan creates. But the more trouble we see around the world, the more people should call upon the Lord and come to Him for their own sakes!


      • One day, we might be able to ask Him about the days of this world, and understand the answers!


      • I believe He reveals to us as we are able to understand and put those things to work in service to others. It depends on His plans for us…


      • That is a good example Angel. The Jewish council, (Sanhedrin), had the revelation of the birth of Christ some 700 years before it happened.

        They were told He was the Messiah and yet, they refused to believe a modest Nazarene would be their King! They were too proud of their position in life…stuck in their narrow religious views.

        Pride is a dangerous fault!

      • Yes, pride causes many to miss what God is doing. There is a new season and new dispensation now but how many will miss it because it is not what they are used to.

      • Sadly, scripture tells us many will see the second death and damnation. And a good number of them won’t even see it coming until it is too late because they never listened to the gospel message in this life…

        “Pride comes before a fall…” (Proverbs 16:8)


      • If only more people could see that. Many don’t even know what pride is beyond the worldly definition…


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