Domestic Abuse


I’ve watched several friends stay in abusive marriages, and several divorce because of abuse. There are many reasons why people choose to stay in these relationships, though it’s hard to image why. I’ve listed some reasons at the bottom of this post, but lets attack the topic of boundaries for a moment:

We need boundaries. Without boundaries we will become victims of abuse and adopt a powerless mindset. We should have a standard set for ourselves of how we will allow others to treat us. If people do not treat us as we have designated, then we should not listen or continue in relationship. Here are some things that we should require, and reject, in relationships and conversations. These actions will encourage hope and self-control (empowerment), and help us escape abusive relationships. Boundaries cause the abuser to face the consequences of their own decisions while empowering us with the choice to leave if they don’t treat us…

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7 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse

    • Anna, I totally agree. I had to reblog this one because one of the best things that I finally did for myself was set boundaries… and that was basically no contact. Too many of us have had wound upon wound inflicted upon us like a “festering”abscess that grows… until we cut off the source. I pray that more victims will realize and set whatever boundaries that they need to be set free and heal. God bless you!

  1. God tells us to Love and forgive everyone including those who are our enemies and this includes those who abuse us, we are even to seek to do good to them although yes we do need Boundaries but not to shut others out as some do but as you shared for protection from those who physically abuse us or to protect Children in danger too.

    When I was Married to my first husband and I was pregnant in Hospital, he bashed me in there, the Hospital would not let him visit me again until I asked them to please allow him to but they had a Nurse close by all the time he was with me.

    I never hated him and I still don’t, he was also abused as a child but I did hate how he abused me and there is no excuse for this but I will add compassion and forgiveness is still needed or we will always suffer from the abuse and never be healed.

    Christian Love – Anne

    • Amen!! I totally agree with you. We have to have forgiveness, not only for our abusers but also for ourselves. I struggled with forgiving myself more than forgiving him. I knew that he abused me because had been abused… but I had to forgive myself for falling for all the lies and manipulations that lead me down that path of brokenness. God loves the broken and brokenhearted… and that includes all who abuse. However, we have to set boundaries and realize that this is not acceptable behavior. No one should be abused.

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