I had been hearing “But GOD” for few days so I wanted to share with you. Whatever we are going through in our lives, whether good or bad, there is always these two words… But God!

But God!
These 2 words I heard all day…
followed by anything I would say.
If we suffer abuses…
or any sort of misuses…
But God…
For every pain…
for every shame…
But God…

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16 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: But GOD…

  1. I think of things like: “Satan is strong, but God is stronger.” “We are sinners, but God still loves us so.” “We were lost, but God sent His Son to save and guide us.” Yes, ‘But God’ are very powerful words indeed Angel…


      • We talk about this world and how bad it can be with people mistreating others so often and so terribly.

        But God’s love still exists in this world as well. Imagine a place where there is no presence of God at all, (hell).

        Can you fathom how ugly, dark, and horrific a place that is. And people who say they don’t care that they are going to hell have no idea what they are saying!

        God is goodness, in Him is no darkness. Hell is the absence of God. People should think about that when they say they don’t care if they go there…


      • Amen… I said those same words to my son Sunday, “Hell is the absence of God.” The tongue is the rudder that steers our lives so we all need to be careful what we speak.

      • The saying about “sticks and stones…” is so very wrong! Words do hurt, “…consider what a great fire is set off by such a small spark, (the tongue)”

        Words can be used as a great tool to encourage and build people up. Yet in an instant, they can do great harm when used carelessly…

        And yes, hell is the complete absence of God. Who would want to live in such a place as that???!!!


      • Sorry Angel…just no time this week to get back to people on comments. Dr. appts. for that fall I took are taking all my time…and still no answers! It’s costing me a few dollars however…$$$!

        Enjoy your weekend,
        Steve 🙂

      • Thanks Angel! I’m doing a lot better now…prayers are working!! God love and bless you and yours as well…


      • Yes, for it is in Him that all things happen according to His purposes!

        I appreciate your concern once again Angel!

        Steve 🙂

      • We are called to His purposes and if we’d just trust Him and go with it, we’d be much better off! He will make all things work out for our benefit…

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