Words of Encouragement for Today

This was sent to me by a friend and I wanted to share with you all. These words are so true. As I look at each word, I can break them down individually.

Happiness… We all want to be happy and part of being happy is sharing that happiness with others… even if it is only a sweet smile or kind gesture, we can’t help but let our joy shine. Galatians 5:22-23

Trials… It’s the trials in this life that help us to persevere and get stronger as we overcome each obstacle that we face… like being in training and increasing our endurance for what’s to come. James 1:12

Sorrow… We all face sorrows in this life and these sorrows enable us to have compassion for those who go through similar sorrows… for it is our emotions that make us human instead of robotic. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Failures… We all have failures in this life but it is what helps us to appreciate the successes, keeping us humble, and reaching for God to help us to succeed. 2 Corinthians 12:7

GOD… But God!! He gives us the strength that we need to overcome the trials and tribulations in this life that we face. He gives us the blessings that bring us happiness. And He gives us the comfort and Peace that we need as we encounter the sorrows that we will face in this life. He is the Key to overcoming. He is the Key for all that we will face in this life… and He is also the One who has already written His Plan for each of our lives. We just need to decide if we will trust Him and allow Him to lead us into our future.




9 thoughts on “Words of Encouragement for Today

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  2. This is strange Angel. I don’t get the reblog option on any of your posts anymore. It may be on my end as I discovered another potential problem with my site as well. I’ll have to let you know…sorry!


      • Thanks Angel. I found it by accident, “hiding in plain sight” beside the “LIKE” button yesterday. I went right back to your page and RB’ed an article. It seems to be getting some good response too!

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