VERBAL ABUSE: Seeds of Destruction

Photo: Richard Johnson/Spectacle Photo

As I was praying last week,  the words “Seeds of Destruction” came to me. Too many people do not consider verbal abuse to truly be abuse. But that is where it starts. Abusive words are seeds of destruction to the hearts of many children who accept these negative words as truth. So many parents, family members, teachers, friends, etc. use negative words instead of words that build up and encourage. Let us all be mindful to always build up and not tear down. It is easier to raise a child correctly than to fix an adult who has accepted all these lies as truth and taken a destructive path of brokenness.

Seeds of destruction…
implanted in our soul…
by negative words…
we should never be told.
For these seeds grow…
as we all mature…
bringing pain and sorrow…
with abuses we endure.
For seeds of destruction….
internally accepted…
leads to brokenness…
with negative always expected.
So beware of the words…
you implant in hearts…
for they will be believed…
  and brokenness will start.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, only You see the millions of seeds of destruction that are sowed haphazardly by people who speak in haste as they lash out in anger, resentment, and unforgiveness. Let us all taste the words for good or bad before they escape our mouths. Help us to speak with love, kindness, and respect for all brothers and sisters so that no more words of destruction will be sowing in innocent lives… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


9 thoughts on “VERBAL ABUSE: Seeds of Destruction

  1. I so agree the verbal abuse I took mucked my head around so much. I that is why I struggled so much. But really I have done so well with Gods help. I don’t know how and still don’t know how God did it. But I am thankful and praise God so much for his help.

    • Amen!! So true. But unfortunately, too many people do not realize the destructive force behind the words that they use… and courts of law don’t recognize the damage either.

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  3. I so agree, no they do not even here in Australia, all they think is about the hits and the bruises. Hit and bruises faded over time but the emotional abuse sticks. Wish there was a way to get the courts to add verbal abuse to their list.

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