Poem: Loss of Innocence

For Domestic Violence Month Awareness, I want to share this again. There is a loss of innocence that can not be understood unless you have experienced it.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

The loss of innocence,
is my topic for today.

There’s a loss of innocence,
when we willingly play.

Then there’s a loss of innocence,
when we have no say.

It’s this loss of innocence,
that is stolen away.

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Loss of Innocence

  1. Yes, I can attest to being someone who never thought it could happen to me. When it did I first was in disbelief and shocked. I had to face the thought of others I always had. Why don’t they just leave? I would NEVER put up with that. And on and on . I found I put up with more than I once believed. I began to understand the fear that even the strongest of the abused seem to be paralyzed by.
    If you are there, reach out for help. You have to do it for you and for your children. Don’t let money or things dictate living in fear and abuse. There is hope for you. YOU have to make the changes in your life and don’t expect the abusive person to change or to follow through with the promise of a better tomorrow and the I am sorry ‘ that begin to sound the same day after day.
    Reach out for help and be willing to change your life today for a better tomorrow.

    • Amen! I totally agree. So many of us have stood back and said that we would never put up with it… until it happened to us. We do become paralyzed with fear and confusion with the promises that just never seem to materialize. I pray that more victims with seek the help that they need and the refuge needed to break free from the abuses of their past. Our children all deserve better than domestic violence in their homes where they should feel safe. Staying “for the children” is no longer the best thing to do. Being safe and loved away from violence is the best thing for everyone. I pray that more victims will reach out for help and realize that a better future awaits them. God bless you!!

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