Broken Man

For October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have written about the brokenness that so many women experience as we suffer the abuses of this world. But I just want to remind everyone that men can be victims of abuse also. There are many “broken men” out there as well as “broken girls.” I pray for healing and restoration for all who have suffered brokenness from the wounds of abuse.


13 thoughts on “Broken Man

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  2. I applaud you for recognizing this fact. Too many times us men who have been abused have been told to be a man and suck it up. That is the worst advice ever. Thank you for this article

    • Thanks Ropheka… but I give God the glory. As I continually cried out to God regarding my abusive ex, He gave me this revelation and helped me to forgive him because he had been abused as a child. Children who have been abused either take a path of being a victim or a perpetrator. I pray that as more men read my book that they will realize that they have been wounded too… and all who have been victimized will seek God for healing. God bless you!

  3. I was very happy to see this little reminder that there are men who get abused, too. I hope you’ll go farther than this. It’s not just that abused men are invisible… we are not believed. Being unbelieved is common for abuse victims, even more common for victims of emotional abuse… but husbands who are emotionally abused aren’t only disbelieved, they are viewed with contempt.

    The symptoms of C-PTSD are not flattering. A man who has lost all his self-confidence, is debilitated by depression, deals with degraded memory, etc. is considered a lousy husband who just needs to follow God more closely. He should pray more, and memorize more scripture. And… if he is willing to look for help, if he is willing to explain what his wife does to him, he will be ridiculed and scolded for playing the blame game. If he is angry at all, even if it is controlled, and was slow in coming, that will be used against him, too. Today’s Christians tend to be uncomfortable with anger, and will even vilify a man who is honest about his anger. It may be reasonable, but a manipulative wife can make him look guilty just by provoking anger.

    I have found no resources for men. I have found churches and elders and christian counselors, but they have exacerbated the problems. None of them would address the abusive emotional control because they didn’t believe me. What can a man do? If nothing is left for him but to divorce to preserve his sanity, it’s likely he will lose his kids. On top of that, his extended family, and anyone he knows at church is likely to treat him as a godless crumb. I haven’t gotten to that point, but she knows how to push me and starve me to misery.

    • Wow… You have just opened my eyes to the plight of the abused man. I knew that it happened but did not realize the ramifications of its effects. I can totally understand what you are saying. I have walked the path of the abused woman with no one believing her but I can only imagine how society will treat a man who is abused by a woman. I will be praying for you. Thanks for sharing.

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