Spousal Rape – Domestic Violence Awareness

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Having lived through two date rape scenarios I know the terror a heart can suffer at the hands of someone you thought you could trust. To have that someone be the very man who stood before God and vowed to ‘love and cherish’ brings the terror to a whole new level.

Throughout the month of October I’ve been giving survivors of domestic violence a chance to have a voice and given an insight into what happens behind those closed doors. Here is another brave soul who is sharing another common and terrifying aspect of domestic violence – spousal rape.

You Are More Important

‘Secret Angel’s Story’

We were newlyweds and had only been married a few months when I planned a romantic evening for my husband. I cooked and had candles lit when I excitedly met him at the door when he got off of work one day. Unfortunately, I did not get the…

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4 thoughts on “Spousal Rape – Domestic Violence Awareness

  1. I too was a victim of marital rape, a frequent occurrence during 7 years of Hell and I wouldn’t wish it on the vilest person in the world. The emotional scars run deep, the physical injuries never get time to heal and resistance is futile. I conceived a child during one attack and had several miscarriages; I never ever thought I’d trust a man again but I did. If I knew what had given me the courage to escape that Hell I would shout it from the hilltops to give others the strength to escape too. Just reading what Secret Angel wrote, reminded me of Hell. If anyone reading these blogs thinks they would never allow this to happen to them, believe me you could . Any sign of a temper or control PLEASE think what we’ve all been through

    • You are so right Ally. I have learned to never say never. All the things that I have said that I would never put up with was handled much differently when you love the person who is abusing you and get trapped in that cycle of abuse… even with marital rape. That was a turning point in my life to see a violence come from the man I had married and given my heart to. Too many women are victims and this should not be…

      • The point when it finally dawns on you that your love just died in part or completely because the man in front of you just showed a violence that usually only the cops see. I remember the first time my life imploded and hate to think women go through this and don’t have the courage we had.

      • Yes, I have said that I gave him my virginity but he stole my innocence. Two totally different things. We never expect that violence from someone that we love. I pray that all men will love and honor their wives… and never abuse them in any way.

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