Stalking in Domestic Violence

Stalking and the lethality assessment were topics that were presented at a recent domestic violence conference. There is a direct correlation with stalking and the lethal behaviors of these stalkers. Check out this lethality assessment and see where you stand.

Stalking in domestic violence…
is a definite reality.
And it’s an important aspect…
for it’s tied to lethality.
For 1 in 4 victims are abused…
and a high number are killed…
by someone with distorted reality…
of a relationship unfulfilled.
And it’s a narcissistic tendency…
that they are never wrong…
leading stalkers to cross boundaries…
believing this victim to them belong.
With use of drugs and alcohol…
and access to weapons too.
And episodes of violent rage…
with threats to kill him and you.
And if he “can’t have you”…
declaring that “no one else can”.
All these threats link to lethal acts…
that many of us don’t understand.
For stalkers are dangerous…
and many commit homicide…
then turn on themselves…
as they then commit suicide.
For these abusers can’t let go…
and stalk their innocent prey…
so it’s for all these victims…
and their safety that we now pray.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, You see the many victims whose lives are in danger from the anger and rage that has settled in the hearts of many abusers. Deliver them from this evil and set them free from the abusers in their lives. Surround them with Your Army of Angels to protect them from their enemy who wants to inflict harm and remove the stalkers from their midst so they will no longer be able to incite fear in the hearts of these victims. Bring healing and restoration to all so they can walk in Peace with You… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

11 thoughts on “Stalking in Domestic Violence

  1. This is a very real problem today. People who take the lives of people who have hurt them and then believe they can find rest themselves by ending their own life. And we as a nation make access to guns much easier than it should be. So sad because it’s only on the other side of this life, when it is too late, that these murderers find out rest is the last thing they find! So sad…


  2. How much abuse

    How much abuse does one take before it becomes much too late ?
    What will it take to open up your eyes – when you’re
    Hemorrhaging deep inside
    When your insides no longer function , and it looks like
    .A war zone of destruction;

    When you cannot walk and the food must be on the table
    Even if you’re not willing or able.
    When he comes home from drinking all night
    Starts to argue , fuss and fight.
    Then wants sex when you’re still in pain , and to him it’s all a game.

    When the booze has gotten to his head and he can’t perform in the bed
    Then he says it’s because of you and you don’t know what to do
    And his rage begins again and you wonder when will it end?

    How much abuse ! How much abuse must you bare
    When with a phone call the cops will be there.
    There are abuse hot lines that you can use , to get out of
    This relationship if you choose.
    © L . RAMS 102715

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