Stalking… It’s Very Difficult to Prove

At a recent domestic violence conference, legal advocates discussed stalking and it’s difficulty to prove. But they also stressed that all victims need to keep trying to get the restraining orders or protective orders that they need.

occurs to many who are abused.
But sadly…
it is very difficult to prove.
Whether physical or cyber-stalking…
documentation is the key.
for you have to have the proof…
to pursue with this illegality.
For protective orders…
are not easily obtained…
and you still have to provide evidence…
for these stalkers to be restrained.
So don’t be discouraged…
when at first you don’t succeed.
Keep documenting every instance…
for one day you will be believed.
But unfortunately…
victims have to keep trying.
For stalkers are dangerous…
and many victims are dying.
But laws protect even perpetrators…
even though victims live in fear.
So keep documenting every little thing…
and one day their stalking will be clear.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, You see the many victims of abuse who live in fear from those who obsessively stalk them. You see the wounds that have been inflicted upon each heart and soul of these victims. You also see the anger and bitterness within the hearts of those who stalk their victims. Only You know that true number of those who have been  killed in domestic violence and the efforts done to stop the violence. We ask You to rescue these victims. Set them free from those who implant fear in their hearts by their abusive words and actions. Open the door for protective orders and restraining orders to be issued in these cases. Implant compassion into the hearts of the judges who issue restraining orders and change laws to favor the victims. Surround them with Your army of angels to protect them and give them Peace that surpasses all understanding… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

14 thoughts on “Stalking… It’s Very Difficult to Prove

      • I have been praying and people around me are praying. I had forgiven him but that does not mean I wish to see him. Just when I am nicely settled. It’s has taken me a great deal of hard work to get this far with my mind body and spirit. There are a great deal of people the same as me that would be churning in their stomach if their x were searching. I pray for them all.

      • Amen! Too many ex’s can easily find their victims with internet searches. I pray that laws will change so that victims will be able to break free and not be connected again because of social security numbers and addresses on the internet.

  1. Reblogged this on Booksbyjameswnelson and commented:
    Girls and women need to open their eyes and LOOK beyond the good “looks” of the guy. As a “guy” I suspect it is really, really, easy to get into a situation, sort of like being in a construction ditch (over your head) and the sides start collapsing. You maybe will get out but it will take a while and you WILL need help.
    The “needing help” part might be the hardest thing to accept.

    • That is so right. The “good looks” mean nothing when the heart is deceptive with evil intent. I pray that eyes will be opened to realize that a person’s heart is exhibited by the “fruit” that he produces. If bad fruit, you need to avoid that person before you get into that “ditch”. Thanks for the comment and the reblog to bring awareness to this tremendous problem today.

  2. Great informative post. Sad thing is, even with a protective order in place, unless the police happen to watch a person 24/7 that order is basically useless. But as you said, document, document, document!!

    • I totally agree… it is only worth the paper that it is written on. Most of these stalkers do not follow laws anyway … but it is the only avenue to pursue to at least have a case if the stalking continue which in most cases, it does. Documentation is key.

  3. Stalking seems to be one of the least talked about molestations of abusers. Yet it happens all day and in all places. It is even hard to enforce a “TRO” which adds to the problem. I was shocked to learn of the fact at the end of your post…30% of women are killed by their boyfriends or husbands.

    How very sad. I wonder what the percentage is of all people, men and women, are killed by ex-s. In any case, this helps to expose yet another way in which people violate and wound others! Good post Angel…


    • Thanks Steve. The fear that is implanted in these victims is huge and the problem is that too many get away with it because it is so difficult to prove. It still amazes me how we can sense that someone is watching or outside your house… but proof is another thing.

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