Inspirational Message for Today: I Surrender

Sometimes we just reach a point…
that we finally have to say:
“I surrender!!!
Lord… Have Your way!”
When family members are sick…
and our children seem to stumble…
And hearts appear to be breaking…
as plans seem to crumble.
But we have to reach that point…
that we finally have to consider…
to let go of all our concerns…
and to God we finally surrender.
Cause He is the Key to overcome…
for He knows our futures He planned…
and it is only when we totally surrender…
that we truly lay our lives in His Hands.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

Dear Lord, You see the struggles that we have all endured and the pain that we have suffered. You know how much we have held on to our plans for our futures. But God, only You know the plans for our lives that You have written before we were born.  Help us to let go of all of our concerns and struggles and just hold onto You. Help us to trust You with our children and entire families as well as all of our futures. Lead us down the path that You have chosen for our lives… for Your plans are for good, not for harm… to give us a future and a hope. Help us to trust You and walk in total obedience as You lead… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


9 thoughts on “Inspirational Message for Today: I Surrender

    • Thanks Ali for your encouraging words. Surrendering is not easy… but God also tells us to pick up our cross and follow Him. Though our “crosses” are all different, we just have to trust Him with our futures. Praying for you. God bless you!

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  2. Great post and great song of faith in our surrender to GOD. When we reach the end of ourselves and surrender it all to him, it is in that place that we find the beginning of GOD and all he wants to do in our lives. Thanks for your encouraging post here today.

    • Thank you so much Tony! You are so right. The words that came to me just this morning were that when we get to the end of our rope… is when we find God and a new found Hope.

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