“Poisonous Pets” or GOD: Who Do You Want To Hold Onto

I had this thought this weekend and I just want to share…

Living with a sociopath or narcissist is like getting a daily dose of venom from a “poisonous pet”. We love our “pet” but it’s venom slowly destroys us. In fact, we don’t even realize that we are getting “bit” or “poisoned” because the pain becomes part of us and acceptable… especially if we have grown up with such poisonous people.  And too many people do not understand this because they have never had to deal with having a “pet” that becomes poisonous.

We need to let go of our “poisonous pets” and all toxic relationships. The negativity of these people tear us down and the destructive forces that are projected from them are damaging to our hearts and souls. Letting go is one of the first steps in the recovery from the damage that has been inflicted upon us.

The “poison” has to stop for the healing to begin!

Then we need to hold onto the One who heals and restores. He has plans for us that far exceed the limitations set by those who speak poison into our lives. He has a True Love for us that will never hurt us or tear us down in any way. He has plans for us that are for good, not for harm; to give us a future and a hope… for our Hope is in Him. Our Strength is in Him. But we have to let go of this world and all the pain of our past to overcome the obstacles that are placed before us and walk into the fullness that He has planned for us as His children.

“But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:8

Dear Lord, You see the multitude who have honestly loved only to be mistreated by those who destroy. You see the wounds down to the depths and souls of these victims of narcissistic and sociopath abusers. Bring healing and restoration to every heart and soul. Remove the “poison” that has been injected within each victim and set them free from the soul ties that have been established with these “poisonous” individuals. Help them to “let go” and walk into their future with You. Let them experience True Love that can only come from You… for You are Love… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.


14 thoughts on ““Poisonous Pets” or GOD: Who Do You Want To Hold Onto

  1. Hi Angel! Good post. I like how you tie the snake, a universal symbol of evil, and it’s deadly bite to that which is so dangerous in abusive relationships. We do need to rid our lives of these types of people and let God in to do the healing…


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  3. Been without a computer for a couple of months but finally got a new one and set it up. Been making the rounds of my brothers and sisters in the Lord to catch up, to read, to pray and to encourage! So glad to see that you are still “dispensing” love, healing and encouragement as I’m sad to say I have had to delete several links on my Blogs Followed page of sites that are no longer working! But, the Holy Spirit knows and it is always with great joy to see those still at work serving others with a big dose of unconditional love! I pray for all those who have sites on my links page for it is the least I can do to demonstrate MY love for others within the Church of our Lord. He truly IS building His church too as is so obvious with the words that are being inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    Sis, I’ll be back to check out more posts, you have my prayers and I pray God’s continued and abundant blessings on your ministry as well toward you and yours!! Keep the faith, and keep up the good fight in Christ Jesus! Amen!

    • Amen… God is truly building His church. He has a calling on so many of us and we each have a different function as part of the Body of Christ. We serve an awesome God, my brother!
      Pastor Roland, thank you so much for your encouraging words and support. You have been a blessing to me! Many blessings to you too!!

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