Jesus Calling: The Fog

As I read my Jesus Calling Devotional yesterday, this daily reading really touched my heart. I could totally relate to what it was saying because I have been there. So many abuse victims live through turmoil and struggles every day. We become engulfed in a fog of confusion and fear that blinds us and our paths. We feel hopeless like there is no escape. but then we finally find the One who can help us to overcome all of the turmoil.

For it is in our fog of brokenness that we finally realize that we are not alone in the midst of the fog.  It is in our “Fog” that our eyes and ears get opened to see and hear the One who gives us “Peace” that surpasses all understanding and helps us to overcome our struggles.  And it is only when we are out of the fog that we can look back and realize just how much Jesus did to help us through those most difficult times.

And even now, there are days that our paths before us seem so overwhelming. That our struggles and battles that we face seem to be like huge giants standing before us. But we need to remember to keep our eyes on the Lord. We need to remember to keep our focus on Him and not the battles that loom ahead. For it is in these tiny steps that we take as we walk in faith with the Lord that we will overcome every obstacle in our path.

Jesus Calling Devotional Reading for November 16


17 thoughts on “Jesus Calling: The Fog

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      • Anytime Sis! I’ve shared it on Google+ and it seems to be encouraging others! Praise God for the way He works out of you!

        Thanksgiving was good. Hope you and your family are doing well with a Happy Thanksgiving! Good to hear from you!!! God bless! 🙂

      • Hi Mandy! Thank you for the encouraging words. God is so good and I have to give Him all the praise. It is always good to see your name. You are a blessing to me, my sister!!

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