Our True Identity As A Son of God

When Satan confronted Jesus on the high mountain (it was not an earthly realm mountain – because there was never a physical earthly mountain from which you can see all the kingdoms of the world). From that mountain over kingdoms, Satan showed Jesus His Inheritance, and offered Him a shortcut to bypass the cross. Jesus’ reply ‘Go, Satan’!

To serve ourselves is to follow Satan pathway even through our slightest thoughts and hidden motives of our hearts. Jesus passed this test and went out in the power of the Spirit, working miracles and destroying the works of the evil one. Had He succumbed to any of these temptations, He would never have been able to do the works of the kingdom by bypassing the cross.

Satan makes us similar offers daily, that’s why HE said pick up your cross and following me. When we bypass the cross in our daily lives to succumb to our own pleasures, wants, self-gratifications, etc., we follow the forbidden pathway of self, following the pathway of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Our true identity as a son of God begins by renewing our mind, picking up our cross daily following after HIM, embracing our daily cross with every fiber that is within us, even learning to love and cherish that daily cross. The only true path to the Tree of Life is through our daily cross, and this path begins by denying self and dying to self. Once on that pure path to the Tree of Life, genuinely true pure manna [like bread crumbs] guides our sacred path as here a little there a little. This behind- the-rent-veil manna unfolds line upon line, astonishingly regarding our new pure journey as His manifest sons. With greater awareness, we discover a sacred truth of being totally habituated, [no longer just visitations as in the church age], yes, even being holy as HE is HOLY in every step, every breath, every thoughts, every look/glance etc. As the old wine skin of the church age are left further and further behind, entering a pure Kingdom Age, and as the unveiling of pure son-ship according to the Order of Melchizedek glimpses the horizon, we quickly choose to follow the pathway that leads to the Tree of Life, easily leaving all else behind.

Eating from the Tree of Life is the only pure way to overcome the last enemy of death as this dispensation of the Kingdom Age unfolds. Remember everyone’s cross is different so we judge not ourselves among ourselves, but rather we totally humble ourselves daily. As we begin to follow this pure sacred pathway to the Tree of Life, truth reveals our eternal inheritance unfolding our scrolled destiny, which was written before the foundations of the world [now we easily are choosing to walk our predestined mandates] . The revelation of our true identity as sons of God begins to manifest precept upon precept as we enter behind the rent veil as true kingly priest, our promised kingdom inheritance.

By Carmel of Secret Angel Ministry

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

10 thoughts on “Our True Identity As A Son of God

  1. Amen! Thank you for this lovely post! I pray it will bless and encourage many others as it has me. I am very grateful for this ministry as it instills so much hope in us. Keep on shining your light into this darker world. You are doing great things. God bless!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mandy for your beautiful and heart-felt words. God is so good to give us what we need and when we need it. He is our Hope and our Key to overcoming this world. We serve an awesome God, my precious sister!!

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