Respect or Disrespect… What Can We Expect?

This is for all who have been repeatedly disrespected by abusers. Disrespect is learned by our children as they hear the verbal and emotional abuses of the other parent. But our children can learn to be respectful as we teach them by example for when we treat all with respect, then respect is what we can expect.

Respect or disrespect…
what can we expect?
For children see…
then respond accordingly.
As voices are raised…
then become abraised.
For abuse becomes accepted…
and some believe expected.
For children see both parents…
and the abuse from one is apparent.

But when the other breaks free…
is our respect a casualty?
For children of abuse…
are accustomed to misuse.
And tend to raise their voice…
like they have no other choice.
But we are victims no more…
and expect better than before.
So our children must know…
that the disrespect must go.
And though witnessed in one home…
in one it will no longer be shown.
For if we treat all with respect…
the same treatment we can expect.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” Matthew 7:12

Dear Lord, only You see the multitude of children who are raised in abusive homes and continue with the cycle of abuse, including disrespect. We pray that the cycle of abuse be broken and that parents and their children will learn to love and respect each other and that this respect will carry outside the home to others. Deliver all of us from evil and place in each of our hearts a desire to reach out to others, treating all with dignity, respect, and loving kindness… in Jesus’ Name we pray… Amen.


13 thoughts on “Respect or Disrespect… What Can We Expect?

  1. I was thinking on how to make our personal and family resources more apparent and visible when I noticed your post. Violence is just one part of our resources, and in fact our “Welcome to Our Home” page covers some of the Violence aspect, which came from the Centers of Disease Control.
    If you haven’t a copy it is “Connecting The Dots”, a pdf, and one of the best on the subject.
    Many people try to blame lack of Christianity in Families today, drugs and violent games, or pornography for what is so wrong in the world of today; very few will even consider that things were not good at all in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
    The problems were here alright: The one thing that cannot be taught is the first thing a Child NEEDS to even have a decent chance, and that is LOVE, which is a “feeling or felt thing”.
    AGAPE – Unconditional Love, is something I have only witnessed in a handful of people my whole life.
    STORGE – Fanily Love, that faltered in the first Family on this earth.
    PHILIA – Friend Love, Deep Friendship, Best Friends, very little in this world, yet this should be every young couple’s goal when first dating, WHILE learning to communicate meaningfully.
    EROS – Physical Love, what should have remained behind closed doors.

    The true numbers have been intentionally covered up and tainted in this country, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is really wrong and why: over 80% of the people with drug problems, alcohol problems, mental problems or issues, or with recurring legal problems, experienced Child Abuse in one or more of it’s forms, and/or Child Sexual Abuse.

    Since Children have never been truly protected, well you can figure it out, all that is left in this world of today is Collateral Damage from Child Maltreatment down through the ages.

    • Perfectly spoken! You hit the name on the head with your words, “Collateral damage from child maltreatment”. Thank you so much Robert for your words of wisdom that you shared.

      • SecretAngel, you are very welcome, and Thank You!!!! for your valuable words
        That is the problem in this whole spy vs spy world, there are so many pretty words decorating most all sites such as yours and ours, but there is no real content, no real Call To Action.
        And speaking of No Call To Action, I recently did another “Special Ed Teacher Arrested For Child Abuse” post, I don’t even want to know how many that is this year, but why aren’t any of these pretty word sites up in arms with Special Needs Children being Battered, Abused, or Molested????
        It is past time for Family Violence to end, and anyone that would Abuse ANYONE that is Special Needs has to be an animal.
        Now there is some pretty words decorating your site Secret Angel, would you care to decorate mine some…
        Keep up the GREAT WORK,

      • Thanks Robert! Now, I am not sure what you mean about decorating your site but your comment about the special ed teacher abusing a special needs child just touched my heart. I don’t know if you read my book but there is a chapter about such abuse. My heart was broken for this child…

      • SecretAngel a decorated site is one that looks a whole lot like ours, except there is no conviction in the words, the stats are all memographed from the same site, and the blog posts are all monotone.
        Another thing is that people are quick to correct anything that doesn’t follow right along with other sites.
        Then if they can’t Bully you that way, then many will attack a person’s beliefs.
        You probably shouldn’t read my post last night about DHS(CPS) settling a lawsuit.

      • Thanks for the explanation. I did not know what that meant. I just write as I feel led by the Lord. There are days that I am reaching down to the most broken victims and then other days that I feel like yelling from the roof tops. I read your posting and praise God for answered prayers. I pray for victims of abuse daily and pray for deliverance, healing, restoration, and restitution. No one should be abused… especially children who should be nurtured and loved.

  2. I just wanted to say before the end of the year, thank you and bless you for all you do, for the words of love, peace and compassion you send out to the world. It is needed. May our Father richly bless and favor you, and protect and give courage to you and all those who read your words. May they allow His embrace to comfort them, and may they receive His unconditional love. ❤

    • Awe… Thank you so much Susan for your encouraging words of support. You have no idea how much your words have touched my heart. You are a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with you and your blog. Thank you so much. May God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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