End-of-Year Message to Abuse Victims~~ You’re An Overcomer!

This is a message to those who have suffered various abuses. God sees all abuse… from physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, spiritual, financial, and even workplace abuse.  He knows all that has been done behind closed doors to hurt His children. He sees all the lies and deception… but the truth will be exposed. He is calling us as former victims to be overcomers and speak out against these abuses and fight the battles that He leads us into as His voice of righteousness against these injustices. Let us all rise up to overcome the abuses of our past!

As this year winds down
and quickly comes to an end,
I want to share a message
to all abuse victims again.
For I have felt that brokenness
and consuming pain and fear.
But I can tell you that
it does get better year after year.
For two years ago, this mash up of songs
was like a synopsis of my life.
I felt broken and heavy-laden
from various abuse and strife.
Then I became filled with regret,
feeling totally defeated.
But God gave me courage
that my battle would not be conceded.
For He led me into battle
to fight the abuse I now fight.
And He said “you’re an overcomer”
so do not give up the fight.
“Stay in the fight
till the final round”
were the words I needed
when I was feeling so down.
“You’re not going under
’cause God is holding you right now”
were the exact words
that I needed to hear somehow.
For 7 hours of questioning
again and again…
made me feel torn to pieces
from beginning to end.
But God’s message was clear
as I was feeling hopeless that day
that He fights the battle for us
as we walk the righteous way.
Remember, He knows all Truth
and the Truth will prevail…
as we call out to Him
and His Glory we hail.
For He is our Defender
and the Redeemer of the weak…
and against these abuses
He wants us to speak.
For so many of us
have been repeatedly torn down…
but in His arms,
Peace and Comfort can be found.
For He sees the abuses we suffer
of various different kinds
but as we seek more of Him
newfound strength we will find.
For He is calling us
to stand up for what is right…
but we are not alone
for He is in the midst of this fight.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2015.


11 thoughts on “End-of-Year Message to Abuse Victims~~ You’re An Overcomer!

  1. You are an “overcomer,” Angel! You are fighting a good fight and the Lord is helping you every step of the way. Keep up that fight for those who read your posts and are encouraged and empowered to take steps to get away from the problems and feelings of abuse…


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