Inspirational Song for Today: Start a Fire

As we pray today for God to “Raise ’em Up!”, I wanted to share this song.

Lord, start a fire in our souls! Fan the flames and make it grow!!

11 thoughts on “Inspirational Song for Today: Start a Fire

      • Hey Sis!
        I had to change the link name to:

        I love your Blog! Still beautifully inspiring and much needed for this world. You are a blessing! Thank you Sis! And thank you for serving our God! You are changing lives. Thank you!

      • Awe… You are so sweet. God is so good. He changes lives every day. All that we can do is submit to be His vessels. I pray for His messages and share what He puts on my heart. To Him be the Glory!!
        Thanks for sharing your new link. “” is still showing up with your name but I will try to find your new blog tonight. Much Love to you, my sister!!!

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