The Walking Wounded– Chapter Three (The WW Give-Away Continues)

Today we continue the weekly postings with excerpts or summaries of each chapter of The Walking Wounded in celebration of it’s Participant’s Manual being recently released for group study.  This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded: The Path From Brokenness to Wholeness and The WW Participant’s Manual in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Please join us on this journey…

The School Years

The school years are when a child’s circle of influence broadens.
Most children are already extroverts or introverts. Some children
become the bullies that harass and intimidate others. Other children,
who may already be withdrawn, become victims with their ability to
form friendships affected. These patterns may continue through high
school, with more pronounced bullying. The emotional wounds that
are caused by bullying, though not visible, are detrimental.

As a victim of school bullying, I was always trying to be friends
with everyone, but spent much time alone. I never seemed to fit in …

13 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded– Chapter Three (The WW Give-Away Continues)

  1. It is so interesting that bullying although not discussed much in my younger years, was present even then. One of my friends shared years later that she had been bullied all of her high school years. She was and is a beautiful girl that others were envious of. She was popular with girls and boys and on the school dance team. She endured silently. I had no idea she had gone through that her entire high school season. I really didn’t think about it at all until I experienced it as an adult and I was blown away that it goes on at that age. I have experienced it – more than once truthfully, It does so much damage inside. It is like a bulldozer has passed through within and leaves waste and destruction. It is so sad others do this to empower themselves or join in to be part of a group. It is so sad that starting this as children – can really change the path of young people and their life. It is also exactly what the enemy wants to accomplish, so in a sense, it is acting on his behalf. Perhaps if kids knew this at an early age, they would decide much earlier where they would like to spend eternity.

    • Amen!! I totally agree with your description. It does feel like a “bulldozer” leaving destruction behind. Many years ago, there was not even a word for it. It was not called “bullying” it was just acceptable, kids or teen behavior and they all got away with it. But then, these kids in many times act like their parents so they think that it is acceptable.

      • Thank you for was just a revelation “many times act like their parents so they think that it is acceptable. “….I can relate and though they slay me – I will yet still praise God! (yet I shed tears…because it does break my heart…especially when you don’t understand the purpose”….) yet still – I will count it ALL joy!

  2. Wow, did that touch a chord!
    Already an introvert, and shell-shocked from living with an abusive father, by fifth grade I was two years younger than the other kids (intelligence testing, put up a grade, but socially and physically immature, short for my age). I felt on the outside, teased and made fun of all through high school. Drove me far inside myself. And never, ever, thought of it as abuse. Just assumed (then) it was me.

    • Amen!! We never consider what is happening as “abuse” because it becomes part of our lives. Bullying was not even a term that was used back when I was in school. It was just accepted as normal child-like or teen behaviors and the victims just succumb to accepting it… even though it is totally destructive!! Thanks for commenting Susan. I really appreciate your support.

  3. Fifth grade was hard for me too, even though I never really understood why know one seem to like me. I did the buying friends thing too, that did not work either. Our stories parallel in so many ways. One thing that I experienced different was because I am African-American, the color of my skin played a strong part of the verbal abuse directed toward me from my family because I was darker than most of my female cousins. I never knew how this would be carried in my baggage the rest of my life. I had know way of changing the color of my skin, I carried that shame and unworthiness everywhere everyday right into marriage.💜

    • Hi Joicelizabeth! So many of us carry the wounds from our childhood into the future leading to mistakes that affect our lives… but God heals and restores as we hold onto Him. He is the Key!! God bless you!!

  4. Reflecting, I was always the quiet one, trying to help kids that didn’t seem to understand what was being taught. At the age of 16, I endured public bullying in a classroom. My self-esteem was already very low from family issues. I responded by overdosing, then turning to sexuality in order to search for worth. God has His hand on me through it all. I did go to church regularly, and I felt close to God, but I was lost. God has held onto me through many dark times….and finally, I am in a place of peace.

    • Amen! This happens to so many of our youth as they try to “find their way” in the world. So many of us have felt “lost” and made decisions that we regretted later. But as we look back, it is only then that we can see how God was there with us through it all and helping us when we did not even realize it. I pray that more will come to know that He never leaves us or forsakes us and trusts Him with their lives before these paths of brokenness are taken. God bless you, my sister!

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