Tears Are Prayers

This is for the many abused and broken who have struggled with what to do in their pain and sorrow. God sees every tear and hears every prayer. But sometimes we just need to be still and listen to what He is saying… and then be willing to be obedient even if we feel that it is the hardest thing that we ever had to do.

So many are hurting and broken
and cry tears of pain or sorrow.
And whatever the cause of that moment,
it’s then hard to think of joy tomorrow.
But God counts each tear…
like a prayer going up to Him…
and there’s no time limit…
on prayers like a beginning to end.
For prayers linger in Heaven…
like all tears that are collected.
And God answers prayers…
though not like we may want or expected.
For He wants the best for our lives…
His good, acceptable, and even perfect will.
But if we ask for something different…
He may only want us to be still.
Now God has given us a soul…
with our own choices to be made…
and so many of us choose wrongly…
while many have even strayed.
But God sees the tears…
and hears every prayer even thought…
but it is only in this brokenness…
that His guidance is finally sought.
And I know this pain and sorrow well…
for this is part of my own story…
but it’s only when I submitted to His will…
that He rescued me for His Glory.
For up until that moment…
it was always for my desires I prayed.
But in my total brokenness..
He then told me to leave and I obeyed.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2016.

“Record my misery;
list my tears on your scroll
are they not in your record?
Then my enemies will turn back
when I call for help.
By this I will know that God is for me.”
Psalm 56:8-9

Dear Lord, We praise You for being for us, not against us… that You answer prayers but never for the detriment of ourselves. You give us free will but are there to hold us when we cry out to you. You hold our tears and the prayers that are called out whether verbally or in silence. We thank You for having a plan for our lives written on our scrolls and though we may stray from our path, You are there to guide us back onto the right path. Thank You for collecting our tears and feeling our pain and sorrow. Bring healing and restoration to all and lead us into the future that You have planned for us… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

26 thoughts on “Tears Are Prayers

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    • You are welcome! So many of us pray for what we want as we make our own choices… but when our prayers come into agreement with His will, we will see Him move on our behalf. God bless you!

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