My Story… Is All About HIM

This song says it all. My story is about what God can do for you when you cry out for Him in your brokenness. He hears our cries and feels our pains.  He knows our struggles and every hurt every experienced. He just waits for each of us to reach out for Him and give Him our hearts in an intimate relationship. I pray for hearts to turn to Him and for a multitude to receive total healing and restoration in Jesus’ Mighty Name.


21 thoughts on “My Story… Is All About HIM

  1. A great song and a great wish for all victims who are downtrodden and feeling hopeless! Hope for all good and lasting things lies in Christ Jesus…

    • Hi Laurel! I understand how you feel. I cried out to God for many years, begging Him for what I wanted. It was not until I prayed “Thy will be done” and gave up that I saw Him move. Now it was not what I prayed for either… but He wants us to give control to Him and trust Him for He knows our future. I pray for His blessings upon you!

      • Laurel, I am so sorry to hear of your discouragement. I can tell you that I grew up in church but never really knew God. It was only when I was totally broken that I started seeing the little “bread crumbs” that He was leaving for me to find Him. I pray that God will reveal these bread crumbs to you and that you will be blessed beyond your comprehension to know how deep, how high, how wide and how long His Love is for you and your family. I will be praying for God’s blessings upon you!

      • Thank you. I need it, I guess. Loser asked me if I still prayed and I said no. We used to get into arguments about God (who he once called himself) and he chastised me for “believing in the Bible so literally.”
        Suddenly, HE said he prayed…for me every night…he of course, was praying for my while he was screwing yet another woman.

      • His chastising you has affected you more than you realize. The Bible is Truth… but there are those who do not want Truth exposed. He was probably feeling guilty because God’s Word is clear about adultery and fornication. I pray that God will help you to see Him in a different light from the abuses that you have experienced. I will be praying for you. I understand the pain that you have experienced.

      • Yes, He has told me NO too before. It’s not easy but usually it was because it was not in my best interest. His will for us is either good, acceptable, or perfect… nothing less. 🙂

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