The Walking Wounded– Chapter Five (The WW Give-Away Continues)

Today we continue the weekly postings with excerpts or summaries of each chapter of The Walking Wounded in celebration of it’s Participant’s Manual being recently released for group study.  This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded: The Path From Brokenness to Wholeness and The WW Participant’s Manual in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Please join us on this journey…


Through the Looking Glass

This chapter discusses how a person’s choices are affected by their
life experiences. Therefore, perception or interpretation of actions
or words is altered as a result of the trauma in their life. Then their
decisions are affected by these hidden wounds impacting their life
choices such as careers, life partners, as well as the treatment of
future children.
I wanted to start a new life in college—to get away from everyone
who had ever hurt me. However, because my vision was so distorted,
I was lonely and feeling unloved with low self-esteem. Unfortunately,
my ability to develop interpersonal relationships had been negatively
affected by my past.
Then, I met a guy. He was so nice to me. He told me that he had
always wanted to meet me. He had all the right words! The downward
spiral that consumed over half of my life had begun…

2 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded– Chapter Five (The WW Give-Away Continues)

  1. “The downward spiral that consumed over half of my life had begun…” Looking back on it all now with 20/20 hindsight is like looking at a paint-by-numbers canvas. Yes, that choice distinctly led to this outcome; oh, that decision definitely preceded this chain reaction. And noticing the blind spots cultivated by my past which served survival needs at the time only helped me dig the deep hole I found myself in years later.

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