The Walking Wounded– Chapter Six (The WW Give-Away Continues)

Today we continue the weekly postings with excerpts or summaries of each chapter of The Walking Wounded in celebration of it’s Participant’s Manual being recently released for group study.  This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded: The Path From Brokenness to Wholeness and The WW Participant’s Manual in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Please join us on this journey…



This chapter goes through the stages of abuse. Initially, the abuser
hides his true self. He is careful not to offend his partner and learns
how far he can push the limits. But, his anger and frustration begin
showing more. His fuse gets shorter with more frequent explosions.
His dominance over his victim gets established. Power and control
are the name of the game that he plays. The verbal and emotional
abuse becomes so common that it is accepted as normal behavior.
The victim does not even realize anymore what is happening and
lives in fear of doing something or saying something that will cause
their abuser to explode again, always hoping that the person that
they love will change.
This chapter includes my personal story of how I was so hungry
for companionship and love that I fell for the wrong person…


5 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded– Chapter Six (The WW Give-Away Continues)

  1. I was in a state of denial. Before we married, I was pushed down by my future husband. He swore he would never do it again. Then there was the hole in the wall where he put his fist during a fit of anger directed toward me. I told myself that these behaviors were normal, and that I was just sheltered and didn’t understand men. Such a long time ago……

    • Yes, I can totally relate to seeing some abusive behaviors but ignoring them or denying them. Unfortunately, there are so many like us who have accepted abnormal behaviors as being normal… and then live with it for years as acceptable… but abuse is never acceptable.

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