“Lord, I Will Trust in You.”

I woke up today with this song playing in my head. Now, I can honestly tell you that there are some days that we totally don’t understand why things happen a certain way,  but all we can say is …

“Lord, I will trust in You.”

21 thoughts on ““Lord, I Will Trust in You.”

      • So true. Or I thought He was wearing different clothing – you know what I mean? We expect the presence to look a certain way and can miss what is before our very eyes. HUGS!

      • You are so right. Many times I have put God in a “box” and missed what He was doing because I was looking inside my own boundaries that I had set. There are no boundaries with God… but we have to trust Him and seek Him or we will miss what He is doing.

  1. “you are by my side”
    I hadn’t heard of this song before now, but I need to start realising that sometimes when you are so lonely and think you haven’t got anyone. You do. They are guiding me to try and prevent things, try to keep going and see hope.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, He is always with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. We just have to trust Him. To overcome this world, we have to walk in faith and trust Him with our futures. Many blessings to you!!

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