The Strongest People…

“Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults,
cry behind closed doors,
and fight battles that no one knows about.”

Now I saw this quote and it really touched my heart. For so many of us have felt that we are so weak and do not even realize the strength that has developed within us because of the struggles that we have endured. As we overcome struggle after struggle, obstacle after obstacle, a resiliency develops within us that we don’t even realize… until we have to stand up and fight to overcome another obstacle.

Now resiliency is defined according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens or the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.” In other words, it is our ability to overcome traumas, tragedies, and the struggles of life and come back stronger, wiser, and more determined to overcome anything that we encounter. So again, “sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that no one knows about.” So just guess who that describes. You may feel like a victim… but you are stronger than you think. Be empowered today!

28 thoughts on “The Strongest People…

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      • I’m glad to make you smile! They say it’s healthy to smile…I imagine that all the rain might make you a bit gloomy. I love the rain, but not like much of the south/east east gets it.

        With all the sunshine here, I can say, however, that there can be too much of a “good thing.” A bit more rain would be nice.

        May the Lord bless you and yours, Angel!

        Steve 🙂

      • Hey…hi Angel! Always good to hear from you. So, more bad weather…sorry for you. We are having a “cool snap,” (it’s sunny but dipping into the 70’s later this week!) And we’ll take the rain, it’s as dry as a lizard’s back around here…hehe!

        They say we might even get some rain by Friday, which for us is measured in tenths of inches. We just stay warm to hot and sunny every day…

        Hope your computer issues clear up soon. Have a super day, my friend!


      • Again, you made me smile. “Dry as a lizards back” over there… but wet as an alligator’s den over here. Our tens of inches c0mpared to your tenths of inches. Amazing! Many areas of the south here have been flooding. More reasons for us to hold onto God!

      • It it amazing how different weather can be in various parts of the country. My sister lives in Texas and is always under rain, snow, cold temps. tornadoes, etc. But the south is such a beautiful looking place, it must be great to live there. I get so tired of California!

        Have you always lived in the south Angel? I started out life in Texas, but my dad hated the hot/cold so he moved us out to California when I was just two years old and that was that!

        I RB’ed another of your posts yesterday I believe. You always have some very good material! Enjoy your weekend and stay as dry as you can!

        Lord bless you and yours…

      • Thanks for your support. Yes, southern born and raised. We get used to the variations in weather… going from needing AC and then a heater within hours. It just becomes a joke at times. Thanks for your support again and God bless you!

      • Funny, it’s kind of that way here in Calif. This time of year, the mornings are “jacket cool,” and the heater will kick on. But in 4-5 hours, it’s off with that jacket and on with the AC! But that will last only a few more weeks, then it’s AC all day and into the night…

        You’re welcome always for the RB’s Angel. Thank you for allowing me to use your posts! May the Lord bless you in your work as it is a very important ministry you provide!


      • I love your work, Angel. It’s encouraging to find that you post everyday and there is quality and truth in your words. What’s more, there is a great purpose which fills an important need…

        I’m glad to help with a RB here and there!


      • I’m glad you know that you are appreciated by myself and a number of other readers, Angel!

        You give people hope in this world by way of the love of the Lord. That’s such an important message to send. If He can help with the broken, abused soul, He can also save that soul into an everlasting peace and joy in heaven!

        The gospel message is such an important point to get across to others…


      • Amen!! I pray that more will come to realize that this life is all about Him, not ourselves. We all need to hold onto Him. God bless you, Steve!!

      • So true, Angel. Our happiness here is found first of all in pleasing Him. Much of our joy comes from that.

        We can love and appreciate many of the things which God has put in the heavens and on earth, but the main idea is to live primarily for Him.

        May the Lord love and keep you safe, Angel…


      • We are not our own, we belong to the Lord if we so choose. But when we make that choice, we need to stay with Him and do His will. Because if we leave His side, we leave God’s grace and crucify Christ all over again! Not one Christian soul I know wants to do that…

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