The Walking Wounded– Chapter Nine (The WW Give-Away Continues)

Today we continue the weekly postings with excerpts or summaries of each chapter of The Walking Wounded in celebration of it’s Participant’s Manual being recently released for group study.  This will be followed by a “give-away” of a combination of The Walking Wounded: The Path From Brokenness to Wholeness and The WW Participant’s Manual in a drawing which will include the names of all who comment and contribute their thoughts and even their own testimony of brokenness to wholeness. Please join us on this journey…




The Whirlwind Begins

“The Whirlwind Begins” is about a marriage falling apart. The
person that gets hurt is in most cases the innocent one. Many people,
men and women, become victims of infidelity or adultery and feel a
total devastation. The person that they trusted the most, that they shared
their lives and their deepest feelings with, has lied to them. These thoughts
keep flying around their heads like a destructive hurricane, and the
pain feels unbearable.

My story continues as I was victimized again as I believed the
lies. Years of pain and suffering, years of fear, years of heartache were
all mixed with hopes for a brighter future. The tears were unstoppable.
The sobs were heart wrenching. Especially when I found out who his lover was…


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