Walking in Obedience is Not Easy to Do

This is for those who struggle with doing what man wants versus doing what God wants. We all have a choice in who or Who we want to please… and sometimes, it is not easy.

Walking in obedience is not easy to do…

especially when it upsets some who love you.

But we all have a choice in who to please…

whether man or Who we pray to on our knees.

For God wants to use each overcoming story…

to bring Hope to others and bring Him the Glory.

And He is searching the world and hearts of all…

for who will walk in obedience to answer His call.

And all we can do is ask those hurt to forgive…

for it’s in God’s presence that we choose to live.

And God’s ways are different than man’s…

so we can’t explain for many will not understand.

And His thoughts are higher than our thoughts…

so our plans may be different than results He sought.

But it’s a choice we all have to make each day…

will we choose our path or allow Him to lead the way.

For He never promised that it would be easy to do…

but He promised He would be there to see us through.


Dear Lord, help us to walk in obedience as You lead.  Open our spiritual eyes and ears to clearly understand our assignments. Give us wisdom and strength to do whatever You instruct us to do and the boldness to do as You ask of us, despite what man says or thinks. Help us to walk by faith, not by sight, totally trusting You for our future as walk in obedience to You… in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


11 thoughts on “Walking in Obedience is Not Easy to Do

    • Hi Laurel! I understand your frustration. Many of us become obedient to our spouses and then get hurt by their selfish ways. But God never hurts us. Just because He is silent does not mean that He is not there. He is patiently waiting for you. He knows that you are hurting.

    • Amen… I can totally relate to those words too. Unfortunately, many don’t hear God because they don’t spend a moment with Him so they definitely don’t understand when we walk in obedience. You are a blessing, my sister!!

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