God in a Brothel

Flashing lights, music blaring, crowded streets, women dressed hardly in anything standing outside each bar, men of all different shapes, sizes, and nationalities. I can remember every detail, ever…

Source: God in a Brothel


13 thoughts on “God in a Brothel

  1. The statistic about the number of victims who attend public school just completely floored me! I will go out on a limb and say that many of these girls don’t even realize that they are victims. I have heard of situations here (more than once), where teenage daughters are being gifted to mom’s boyfriend as rent payment. They cover their shame…and as a teacher, I hurt knowing that some of the beautiful young ladies I see everyday are being trafficked behind closed doors…

    • Yes, I totally agree with you. It breaks my heart. These young girls are being used and no one realizes it until they get pregnant or sick… and then they usually do not tell the truth regarding their situation for fear of retaliation at home.

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    • Thanks for sharing this posting and helping to bring more attention to this problem. Too much sex trafficking is going on and unnoticed unless there is a huge event in an area and then police and hotels are on the “lookout” for possible victims. I pray that this changes.

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