An abused wife’s Bill of Rights

Tamar weeps

I guess one of the most shocking things that ever happened to me was to discover that I have rights. Sad, considering all I’ve lived through. It was such a foreign concept. I have rights…. The thought didn’t even begin to occur to me until I was well into adulthood.

I have rights.

That thought doesn’t seem that shocking to most people, of course they have rights. Why wouldn’t they have rights? Everyone has rights. But for an abuse victim, it’s not all that easy a thought to grasp. I—me, the one others lie to, lie about, abuse, yell at, curse out, hurt, ignore, blame—I have rights. Such a thought is shocking and utterly life changing.

When I was growing up, I believed that other people’s wants far outweighed my needs. Because I believed that, that broken-down, mixed-up, bad-to-the-core, false-as-could-be belief enabled others to wield power over me. Now, due to the grace…

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2 thoughts on “An abused wife’s Bill of Rights

    • Hi Wubstep! When someone is abused, they feel that they have “no say” in what happens to them. They feel that they have “no rights” and are at their abusers will and mercy. A “Bill of Rights” is a list of the rights that we have like our Constitutional Bill of Rights. Another blogger wrote “An abused wife’s Bill of Rights” to list the rights that a wife has. I reblogged it in agreement… We all have the right to say NO!!

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